Monday, July 26, 2010

GIrl's Week

So every year the sisters in the family (that includes the in-laws, but I just refer to them as sisters), Mom, and our kids try to get together. I rarely doesn't happen. This year Mom and Dad were so good to us and got a place up at Purgatory for us all to hang out. Everyone was able to be there this year, if only for a few hours, which I don't believe has ever happened. Me and the kids were a little later getting there because we got back from Price the night everyone headed up. The next morning it was a quick wash of the laundry and repacking to go. Of course it is late afternoon by the time we get there, but who care, we are there. Unfortunately shortly after we arrive Steph finds out she is needed back home to sign for her closing, nice to know before she made the 10 hour drive with 2 kids. We tried all we could think of to get it worked out so she could stay, but alas it didn't work. So we only got to spend a few hours with them, but at least we got to see them. I just felt bad that It was a short trip for her, but excited they finally got to close on their house.  Later we took the kids for fun on the mountain. Chanel was good enough to alpine slide with them. Then they got to rock climb and jump on the bungee trampoline thing that shoots you up four stories. It was a blast. The little one miniature golfed. Some of us Moms even went on the trampoline. We all had a blast before the afternoon downpour hit.  The kids even got a rain check for the next day to do one more alpine slide ride. That night we made tons of hair flowers. It was a blast. Can't wait until next year and hope to have a longer time together.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scott's Tri

Scott did a Tri in Price this June. It was at 10 on a Friday night. It was called the Lunatic,. because of the Full Moon. The kids were so excited, we all love watching him compete. They made bright signs to hold up for him and cheer him on. The cousins even go in on the action. This Tri was backwards from what he normally does. It was run, bike and then swim. About two miles into the run he hit a pot hole, that you can really see at night in crazy race conditions and got a bad sprain. But, he is a determined soul (you have to be to be married to me) and he pushed through the rest of the race. He beat is goal time by four minutes and came in 14th place out of 200ish people. Only one team beat him. I am extremely proud of him. A couple weeks later and his ankle is still bothering him a off and on and he is determined to do another Tri in a few weeks. I am glad he has found something he loves.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I can't believe it

I just got another message saying I am featured on the Etsy treasury, I think this is the 5th time. Today is a little more exciting though. I am also featured on a site called kaboodle. Check out the like and leave a comment. The more comments and hearts the more popular the page becomes and the closer it get to being on the front page. If you love turquoise and red you'll love this treasury. Thanks for looking and spread the word.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tired of Travel

I am so sick of the car right now. I am having a hard time getting myself to get ready one one more trip. I figure in a little over a week the kids and I will have spent at least 33 hours just getting from point A to point B. We have enjoyed all our travels so far, but I must admit I am having a hard time getting ready for this last one. I know it will be fun once we are on the road, but at the moment I am over it. And that is about all I have to say, except hopefully I'll have pictures of all our adventures post late next week.