Monday, June 20, 2011

Seeing Colors

I have been seeing many colors in the past two days. It all started out with seeing red, and I mean blood red. It faded away and returned this morning in more of a bright Fuchsia tone, not totally red but a hue of it. After some time I started to see blue, a grey blue. It is amazing all the colors we can see and that the seeing red really stems from the deep down blueish-grey that is really at the root of it all. Then if we are no careful the black begins to sneak its way in.

It seems these days we are fighting off the black more often then not at our house. It can so easily envelope us as we go through our trials. We tug and pull and try and swim our way through at times. Some days all it takes is a little breeze to blow it away and others seem to surround you no matter how frantically you try and keep the black away. This year is full of trials around here, and in some respects I know exactly what to do and in others I am in complete confusion and loss at how to handle what is thrown at me and my loved ones. As a parent we try to set the example of how to handle situations and turn to our Heavenly Father for help. We have to show patience in getting the answers we need, but it is hard at times. We long to make it all well and happy and safe, but that truly is not our reality raising a family today. It can all seem a bit overwhelming to fight off the blackness that can so easily engulf us. As I have struggled with this today a thought popped into my head, maybe it is just opening our eyes to let the light in is all it takes. Enjoy all the beautiful colors that come with the black. There is beauty in the blueish-grey, the red, the fuchsia and every other color out there we see (or feel). Because if we did not feel these things we can not grow and become stronger. That just doesn't mean I have to like it, but I can grow from it and enjoy the rainbow that will eventually make it's way back through.