Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pinewood Derby

Noah got first place in the Pinewood Derby this year!!! He was so happy. There were a few real nail biters that he ended up winning. One race they cars were dead even each time, so we had to race them backwards. Scott thought we'd lose for sure when they did that because he built it to go fast forwards and not backwards, but luckily his kicked butt that way! So we have a proud owner of a pretty cool trophy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

My crazy life...

I am soo far behind. I will be getting to Easter soon, just a little late. It has been non-stop excitement since we have gotten home. We had to take Deagan in to the vet as soon as we got back to get some bumps removed. Yuck, poor dog. Then on my way to pick him up I found out my tire had a big slash in the side and there were wires sticking out (on brand new tires!!!). So I take it in and get a car to drive, but it is dead as dead can be and Grant is driving off (it is closing time). Luckily there was someone else there able to help. We got the tire fixed and luckily until it came in and was ready we had a full size spare and I was able to drive my van. Deagan's stitches began bleeding/pussing and I had to run him to the vet's and put him on antibiotics. Then it was time to get ready for Easter. Then strep throat for Harley and I. Then Scott's b-day and Deagan's stitches out (I must admit I was nervous to get the results of his biopsy back, our luck sucks lately, and it was Scott's b-day so I only wanted good news). Everything looked good ;) And can't tell you what else has gone on, but isn't that enough. So long story over and I will get my stuff together and post about Eater soon, I hope.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disney Day 3 & 4

Day 3:

We woke up a decided to hit the rides we love at Disney that are not so crowded in the morning, such as Indian Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion to name a few. Then we go through the list and hit every ride we have yet to do. I will admit there were a few we left out of the pure fact that they were baby rides and we weren't going to wait 40+ minutes to do those, lucky for us the big rides weren't bad waits. We have a blast and do it all several times that day. We get the celebrate parade in, just before we hit It's a small world (which the kids claim is torture) so we wouldn't have to wait in the long line. That night we watched the fireworks over the castle and bought the kids ridiculously priced flashing balloons, that they loved. It was a fun day and there wasn't a ride we didn't get to do, several times.
Day 4:
Our last day. We get up and do the early morning and hit rides that we want to get in again. Noah is feeling back to normal and wants to do all the bigger roller coasters (finally). We decided to head towards California adventure and ride everything we missed and re-do the ones we loved. Again we didn't do it all, but almost all. We discovered a Monsters ride we couldn't quit laughing about and a Toy Story ride with a ridiculously long line and totally worth the wait. I have to admit, it really was the only wait. We hit California Screaming a few times. Found a great park for the kids to play in while we kicked up our feet. Then we headed back to Disneyland. (I believe I forgot to mention it was freezing that day and we didn't dress right, so the kids got some pants and Scott got a hoodie). We did more of what the kids loved and spent some time in Toon Town (they loved it there). Then I made sure we hit the Electric Parade back over in California Adventure. Then back to do the last of the rides the kids wanted a Disney. Just so you know, we hit Pirates over 10 times, Haunted Mansion at least 5, Buzz Light year 4-5, Indian Jones 5 and so on. We did it all a ton. We were there from 7 in the morning until midnight. The kids were not going to waste their last day, but it wasted us.

Disney Day 2

I need to get this done for my journaling so here it goes:

We woke up and were going to do the early admittance to Disney, but dragged our feet and took our sweet time getting there. We finished up a few rides the kids wanted to do at Disneyland and then headed over to California Adventure. The kids found some characters they want pictures and autographs of. Then we were going to try and meet up with the Graff's to hang out for a bit. We went to the Tower of Terror, tons of fun, and missed them by a minute. So then we meet up with then in Bug's Life Land. The kids did some rides and us parents got to catch up. The kids were thrilled to get to be together. Then we went and did a few rides, the only one that comes to mind is the water rapid one. The kids (Harley, Jacei, Shandon, Noah and Derek's sister Victoria) were in one tube and the Derek, Kristy, Scott, Kennedi, Derek's Dad and I were on another. We got soaked and it was tons of fun. Then it was time to eat. After that we did California Soaring, which I must admit made me a little queasy. Then a group went to do California Screaming, Noah couldn't be coaxed into it, so I waited at the bottom with him. We were all getting tired so we decided to head to the hotel of naps and swimming. So it was good by to the Graff's, as they got ready to head off to San Diego. Later that night we go ready and went to dinner, by the time we were done we decided to go back to the hotel and watch a movie and turn in early. We were all out before it even started.

Saturday, April 3, 2010


Disney Day One:

So after getting in late the night before, after terrible traffic from Las Vegas to California, and a dip in the pool, we decided to sleep in a bit. We were at Disneyland still at a decent hour. To our surprise the kids were happy to see the characters and wanted pictures with them and their autographs. Harley was thrilled to get Mickey’s. We went to Futureland, which was not crowded and s great place to start. I was excited because it is one of my favorite places. We hit Star Wars Tours and then off to Space Mountain. The ride broke right as we were getting close, so I left to get fast passes to Autotopia and then shortly after we were on Space Mountain. Noah enjoyed it, Harley and Scott were sick. Noah was a bit cranky and still not feeling well, and I was getting frustrated. But we chugged along to Toon Town. The kids loved it there. They made their own Mickey hats and Harley found a Mickey she fell in love with. We JUST randomly went from land to land hitting rides that the kids wanted to do, but that Noah wouldn’t freak out about. We called it a night by 9 and let the kid swim for a bit, while we soaked in the hot tub. Then off to bed. We wanted Noah feeling better the next day.


We started spring break off with a bang. We headed to Utah for Scott and Grant's Tri in American Fork on Saturday. On the way up we heard a loud noise, like Scott hit something. The closer we got to Price the louder the car got. I just thought it was me, because I was sitting in the back of the van and it was just noisier there. Well needless to say there was something wrong with the muffler. Then, we were dropping Dad off at his car and he realized the key he grabbed was right for the car. but didn't have the chip so it wouldn't work. We had to track down a locksmith and get him on his way. We get up and head to Scott's tri and get there and start getting him situated. He realizes he forgot a towel, no biggy we'll grab him one. Or not, the car is dead. So we wait while sweet Mikael gets us one. The race goes pretty well, despite Scott's chain braking on him and having to hammer it together. After we grab lunch and send the kids back to Price with Amber and Nana to Price while we go to fix the car. The hard part is tracking down and open store that deals with mufflers, who knew. Luckily it was and easy fix and we just had two bolts snap off and needed replaced. We hang out with the family for a bit and then head back to Price. I notice that night that Noah isn't feeling all the good, but is trying hard to fake feeling well for the surprise in the morning. Poor guy. Well by the morning, I have a feeling Noah has strep and want to get him checked out. So we head to the ER and get him checked. Sure enough he has strep and is not happy about having to get shots in his bum. So while trying to calm him down I give him hints on where we might be going for the surprise. I tell him there are rides. He guesses a carnival, fair, and a circus. I tell him it is ten hours away, no guesses. I tell him it is in California. Nothing. I say a ride is called the Matterhorn. Disneyland!! How did he even know what the ride was??? He is so happy he quits crying and relaxes for his shot. Miraculously he instantly feels better and is ready to go. He slept most the drive.