Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My turn at Tag

Here you go Britt, I just hope I can think of six things I am willing to share:

1. I am perfectly fine spending a day laying around doing nothing and watching TV. It is probably something I shouldn't share, but I love a kick back do nothing day. (Then the next day I freak 'cause I was lazy and worthless and my house is a mess like usual.)

2. I love having people and lots of kids hanging out at my house. I just worry that they will be disgusted with my cleaning habits. I am by far the messiest of the sisters. I tend to shy away from entertaining because of this. Sometimes I even feel like my house should be on clean sweep and those other types of shows. I would probably even get an award for having a disgusting house.

3. Sometimes I miss the days of being poor. We didn't have the money to do much of anything so I was more creative in the ways to entertain my kids. I miss doing those things with my kids and husband. Now I feel like life is so busy and it is hard to slow down and get some of those things back. We could have never afforded to do sports among other things and life was simpler (and harder).

4. Fingerprints on the walls drive me nuts! Of all the things that should be done, fingerprints find their way to the top of my list. Thanks Dad!!! Oh and the towels being uneven at the bottoms and in width drive me nuts too. And pictures that hang crooked, I have to fix these even at other peoples houses and I feel terrible doing it but I can't resist. I blame my upbringing. (Do we need to wonder where Noah gets it from?)

5. I will never get sick of the color green. I have loved it all my life. Anything green. The shades of green may change over the years, but there will always be green in my life. I try not to buy everything in green, but it love it. This doesn't come as a surprise to those who know me well. Someday I will even finish painting my house green.

6. I work in a very random, compulsive order. I have noticed that when I clean or pretty much do most things. I start here and skip to there, then it is off to this other place and back to the beginning, then off to another place, back to there....(you get the picture). I get bored easily and like to mix things up, and yet it is the same pattern or movement always. (I realized this cleaning Mom's, I have to vacuum the same direction each time or I can't function). Now this skipping from one thing to the next and back drive Scott nuts, but it is how I work. If I didn't skip I would get bored and never finish. In the end it all comes together and gets done, it just looks like a confusing mess in the process. So I am a random, compulsive person and it is not going to change.

People should pay me

So yesterday I go to fill up my car, it has been running close to empty since Saturday. I pull up to the gas station and am thrilled to pay 2.84 a gallon. Only a few hours, not even the next day, I am driving back by the gas stations I was by earlier and noticed within a few hours the price was starting to drop at some, by 10-14 cents a gallon. Not even a day later. This is crazy. Every time a fill up the gas prices start to drop right after, so people should really start paying me to fill up so the price of gas will keep dropping. Just a suggestion, any takers? I guess I should just be happy the prices are falling.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My New Hair-Dude

Well it is no surprise that I have changed my cut/style once again. I am loving my hair short, and I mean short. It has taken me about a week to get used to, but I am loving it. I took a picture so you can kind of see what it is like. I hate pictures so it took me about 40 to decide on the least disgusting and fattening of them all. It was a shock at first when I cut it, I hadn't cut it in 2 1/2 months (which is insane for short hair). I am tired of coloring it for the moment, so I am trying to grow out the color and let my natural just grow back. Start healthy, cause something about me needs to be healthy and we know it is not going to come from diet and exercise. I just let my hair dresser do what she wanted, like always, and I love it. It make me feel young again. I haven't had my hair this short since college. I tell myself my face doesn't look as fat either. Well hope you enjoy the dorkie picture.

Everyone needs a good laugh and I will provide it for you today.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You Make Me Proud

I am so proud of Harley. Her soccer team has entered into a tournament this weekend. It is supposed to go from Friday through Sunday, Sunday being the championship game. I said OK and told Har that she could play except for Sunday. We didn't think her team would make it that far anyways. At practice yesterday her coach gave her the schedule and she will have two game Saturday and two on Sunday. She promptly told her coach she will not play on Sunday, she has church. Then she came and told me about it. There were no tears or questions about not getting to play. She knew it was the right thing and didn't look back. I then talked to her coach and once again told her we wouldn't be there Sunday. Then I thought, well if she goes to church then she could play her afternoon one. Then the internal struggle began. Should I let her or shouldn't I. Then I talked with Scott about how proud I was. Later he talked to her and asked why she did what she did. Har told him that at church she heard of a boy who wanted to miss church to watch a game. He decided to go to church instead, because it is the right thing to do. She wanted to do what is right and be a good example. (This is from a sharing time I taught) I was so touched that she listened and learned from this lesson. Then I thought this is a good time for us to set a boundary for keeping the Sabbath day holy. So, I have taken her attitude and don't care about Sunday's games, because we are doing what is right and the bar is set for our life. What a good example and a joy she is in my life. I am so proud of her and her great choices. She truly was saved for these last days and is a very strong girl. Don't let that ever change.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Harley Scores!

Today was a big day for Harley. She scored her first ever goal in a soccer game. To make it even better, it was a beautiful goal. They passed the ball to her and she quickly went for the shoot. She gave the ball a hard kick and it went flying by the goalie. She was the only one on her team to score today. We were so proud and excited for her. She is developing a love for the game and has wanted to score, but never has had the opportunity. She is learning her position well too. Of all the girls, and I know I'm bias, she is really sticking to what she is being taught at practice, so she was open a lot of the game. Her coaches were so proud of her, they made all the girl congratulate her on her goal and she glowed. It was a big day and a big reward. I never want to forget the moment. She has been working so hard to get there and now we can remind her of how hard work pays off. I just wish I had my camera.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Why I love Scrapbooking

I just wanted to tell why I have such a love for scrapbooking. First of all it is about the only thing that makes me feel slightly creative, granted I don't have elaborate or spectacular pages, but I love putting them together. It is a lot like quilting, the other thing that makes me feel creative. Now I am about six years behind if you want to look at it that way, but I choose not to. I just enjoy picking up a group of pictures here or there and creating. I don't even know if I'll ever "catch up", but that is not what it is about for me. I think the best part of scrapbooking, and being behind, is the trip down memory lane I get to have each time I find a minute to throw something together. I enjoy seeing how much my kids have changed and how they have not changed at all. I have loved each stage and year of their life and love to remember where we have been. I love it all. I also enjoy the company of friends when I scrapbook, although I get more done when no one is around. I just love that it is something I do selfishly for me and no one else. Thus my love of scrapbooking, or obsession. While cleaning through photos I found this video and realized how much Noah has changed and stayed the same. I may be the only one to find it funny, but hopefully you enjoy
I love this, he still complains of a sick stomach if he does not want to do something. He can be such a ham at times and a party pooper the next. Also, did you see how cute James and Caleb are? They grow up too fast, so thank you picture and scrapbooking for stopping time for that short moment. I can forever look back and get a smile on my face.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

These are the moments

Thursday night I had one of those moments where my life felt perfect. I wouldn't change a thing. It was after dinner and I was cleaning up the dishes, Harley was working on her homework at the table and Noah was reading to me. I just started to think how much I loved this, even though I am tired of cleaning dishes by this time of day. I am so happy to have these wonderful kids and that I am able to help with homework and be read to all while I clean. I stopped what I was doing to take a picture and capture the moment. The kids though I was crazy. I just don't want to forget how happy I was in that moment. I don't want to forget the good time around the kitchen table doing homework while cooking or cleaning a meal. It also got me thinking about how it seems that in life we are always wanting more, a bigger house, new car, new clothes, toys games, and on and on. When it really is moments like these that really matter and make us happy. Why can't it be so easy to enjoy the little things and not stress out about the things that really don't matter. This is what life is about, gathering around the table enjoying one another and feeling like we have everything and more then we could ever need. What a great feeling it was, too bad it passes all to quickly when it is time for bed.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Angels in our lives

I have been thinking a lot about the angels in my life lately. Of course I have to start with my husband and how good he is to me and how happy he makes me. Then comes my kids, how could you not see and angel in a child. Given there are times they seem like devils, but then you go in at night and see them sleeping so peaceful and angelic. Then comes my family, they are so much fun to be around, especially my sisters (sorry boys). I love the relationships I have with my sibling, but most of all my sisters. They are my closest friends. I also have to think of all the friends, and I mean true friends, I have been blessed with in my life. I at times (most times) don't feel worthy to have such good, uplifting friends. I truly enjoy the positive things they bring to my life. I feel like I am the negative one bringing everyone down and I am grateful that they stay and help lift me up. I think there are so many wonderful things and people our Heavenly Father has put in our lives to build us up and make our trials easier. How blessed we are, if we can just stop and see the angels he has given to each of us. I am thankful for the angels in my life.