Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Haunting

Last minute we decided to got trunk-r-treating and carve pumpkins. We knew what the kids wanted to be, but I slack not thinking we'd be well enough to go. Harley was a disco girl this year. We had her hair rolled in rags and threw together a last minute outfit, which included me running out and buying her a new pair of super-flare lagged jeans. She looked awesome, her hair looked like a bad wig, I loved it. Noah wanted to be a vampire, easy peasy. Black pants and shirt, a cape from Mom's dress-up and lipstick for blood. We have a plethora of fangs on hand. They had a good time, but now I am wondering if it was worth it. Harley is coughing so bad she is going to throw-up at last once by the end of the night. I might even have to take her into Urgent Care tomorrow if she doesn't get better. I am so tired of coughing sick kids. To make it worse, my poor kids have asthma problems which makes anything to do with breathing that much worse. I had thought Harley had outgrown it, but I am thinking twice now. Oh well, at least I had a little break tonight.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Help for JJ - from my sister

I just wanted to pass on an opportunity to help for anyone that is interested. I have told some of you about JJ. He is Jen Todd's sister's son. He was born with the liver out of his body in like a bubble or sac. They were unable to fix it until this summer, when he was able to go to Seattle and have it put back inside. He has recently turned three, and you can imagine how hard it has been for them to keep him from falling on or hurting his tummy for the last 3 years. Amy has had to stay home with him, and has been unable to work because he needs constant care. He can not go to a sitter or day care because his immune system is horrible and an cold or flu usually puts him into the hospital, not to mention the typical wrestling of a child could kill him because of the placement of his liver. They really struggled to get enough money to do the 1st surgery, but thanks to many friends and family they were able to raise the funds to go and have the procedure done. They went to Seattle and thought that their nightmare would be over. Unfortunately they found out that they would still need another surgery. JJ's has hernias that were not able to be fixed then, but need to be now. The hernias mean that he has a hole in the abdominal wall that causes his intestines to fall out into his scrotum, making it about the size of a small grapefruit.. as you can imagine, this is very painful for him. Since the surgery his liver is still protruding alot in his belly since they couldnt close the muscle wall all the way around it.. every day he has constant tummy aches and has not been able to gain ANY weight since the surgery, but now they need to check things out and decide if maybe he needs a permanent feeding tube surgically placed. They are supposed to go up to Seattle in November for the surgery, however they are having a hard time raising the funds to get there and get it done. They were at first denied Medicaid, but after an appeal Medicaid agreed to pay part of it. As you can imagine, this kind of surgery is an expensive ordeal. Poor Amy has said that she is so humiliated to have to beg for help, but that for the sake of her child she will do whatever it takes to make him well. I can not imagine how hard it must be. I have been so blessed to always be able to take care of my family, and then have support in times of need. She must come up with the rest of the money by the end of the month (yes- the end of this week) or the hospital will postpone it until next spring when the flu season is over. If you want to read some more about JJ or look at the pictures (found at the bottom of his blog) his blog is . Amy was thinking about starting a business before he was born, and had invested in some materials to make bows and watch bands. She is so tired of just asking for help that she would like encourage people to donate and she will send them one of the items, or you can buy some from her ( I think her bows are really cute).

We're on the mend

I took Noah into the doctor yesterday, for my peace of mind. They ran a flu test and it came back negative. He has the croup, or however you spell it. We haven't had that it years. He used to get it all the time when he was little and I thought he had outgrown it. Apparently not. They gave him medicine to take the swelling down in his throat and a steroid to inhale for the next two months, boo. I gave him his medicine last night knowing it would be at least 'til this morning for it to even start to help. I got him a humidifier, which we got rid of and haven't needed for several years. He slept like a baby, I slept like the mother of a baby waking to every sound and movement. I didn't want a repeat of last night. He didn't wake up all night and has felt much better today. Now all he can think about is playing in the snow. He is still extremely horse, but is eating again and as happy as can be. Harley is back at school and I have a small piece of sanity back, not that there was much in the first place. I am glad it was something we could give him medicine for and be on the mend quickly and not wait out the flu.;)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scary Night

Last night was our worst of the flu yet. I woke up to Noah stirring and thought I'd just lay there and see how he was doing, I'd been asleep maybe and hour. He quick fidgeting, or so I think, and I fell back to sleep. An hour later I wake up to him making noises and decide to go check on him. He is having such a hard time breathing that he is freaking out, puking all over the place, and freaking out some more. I tried to calm him down and get him his inhaler and ibuprofen. He just kept throwing up and choking on his breaths. I ran a hot bath and had him hop in. It helped things a little with the inhaler, but not as much as I would have liked. He got out of the tub and I lathered him up with menthol, still not the desired result. I was about ready to head to the emergency room when I decided to try sitting out in the cool, really cold, night air. It is about 2 in the morning now and you could tell by the color of the sky it was going to snow at some point, perfect for a sore dry throat. I bundled him up in countless blankets and only had his head peeking out. Then I held him, like so many time when he was little, out on the porch and prayed that this would finally work. It helped a ton. After things were under control, he crawled in bed and fell asleep until 6 this morning. I gave him more medicine and would only sleep on my floor, it felt the best there to him. He only slept a few more hours and I doubt he'll take a nap today. Hopefully tonight will be better. Maybe all the fresh snow coming down that he has collected and eaten will help tonight. At least Harley is feeling better and will be back to school tomorrow.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Luck Ran Out

It is official the flu has hit our house. It sticks! I hate the kids, really any of us, being sick. It brings out the compulsion to scrub the house ten fold. At least the strong, and I mean strong, smell of a freshly cloroxed house, well bathrooms, makes me feel a little better. Now I have nagging kids and no desire to deal with their petty fights. I know they wouldn't be happening if they felt well, but it still stinks. I am also sad now, because that puts off seeing Nanny that much longer. I had hoped to visit her today when the kids were at school, but alas it is not to be. It is better I stay away until all traces of illness are gone. The upside is I get to visit teach over the phone and not feel so guilty about it, because it is something I struggle with anyways. Well off to put out the fires of contention.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Haunted Houses

Harley and Jamison's house
Noah and Caleb's scary house

Asher and Britt decorating

James and Har decorating

Noah and Caleb decorating

Asher's House

Kaylee's house

Noah buried in corn

Noah's pumpkin

Harley's pumpkin

Looking for pumpkins

Noah and Mique in the corn maze

For Halloween this year I decided to make gingerbread houses. I miss decorating them with the kids each Christmas, and find the excuse not to because mom make trains for them. So I decided to do Spooky Houses at Halloween instead. I saw possibilities in all the candies. My favorites had to be the disgusting rats.

I should start with the kids having Friday off of school last week, so in the morning we went to the pumpkin patch. The kids had a blast and got filthy dirty. We met Brittani, Britany, Christi, and a bunch of other people there. The kids were also thrilled because Kinz and Micah were over that morning and were able to go with us. Then, in the afternoon it was decorating haunted houses time with the Allredo's and Kaylee. The kids had a blast and I enjoyed the house filled with the smell of fresh baked gingerbread. The kids favorite part, I believe, was all the candy to eat (sugar rush). The crazy thing is I want to do it again for Christmas. We'll see though once the craziness is upon me.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Home Improvements

One of the ups or downs (depending on how you look at it) of owning a home is the constant improvements. When we moved in we noticed that the window in Harley's room was extremely drafty. Upon further inspection we noticed that there was a pane not sealed to the frame, thus letting a ton of air in. Scott sealed it and there was a big improvement. Needless to say, we still need to update our windows. Last night Scott tore out Harley's window and put in a new one. It wasn't an easy task considering the brick on the front of the house. Tonight we will finish with squirting in some insulation and sealing it shut. Then I will get around to repainting the spots that need it, eventually. It is amazing the difference already, and it has holes around the entire window that need to be sealed off. Thank goodness it was a warm night. Now we just have five more windows to go, the 2 big kitchen windows are next on our list. Although, before that we are re-tiling our bathroom because we have empty space from putting in a new shower. I love making it OUR home, but at times it hate the work (or more the mess) that comes with it. Here is a list of things we have yet to do

stain and recover the kitchen table and chairs
finish painting the house (i'm a little burnt out)
recover the swing out back
redo pretty much the whole yard
replace carpet with new carpet and hopefully wood floors
replace all windows
get a work shed out side for Scott, and clear up much needed garage space
replace the roofing over the deck
update door knobs and hinges
update heater vents
add outside lighting
change address on house for 6I2 to 612
and on and on

Sunday, October 11, 2009

I've lost my wisdom........................................teeth

Well it is officially done and I'm up to blogging about it. I show up Thursday for my appointment and go in to get it over with (that is all I cared about). They sit me down and go over all the worst case scenarios (not a good idea with me, j/k I just ignored what they said and nodded yes). Then they start the numbing process. The left side is first. I feel no numbing, maybe a little. So we move to the right side to give it some time. The right side is numb and my left side is normal. So they numb my pallet, not comfortable. Still normal on the left, so they try and numb it again. This time it works. I'm not sure if it was nerves or what but I was feeling shaky in the head the more they numbed me, probably trying to not think of the needles.

They get started on the right side. Everything goes pretty smoothly, but I am thinking "why didn't I get the gas or put out, these sounds are gross. What if my teeth start moving back now. I don't want gaps. Maybe I should get a retainer made." The love thoughts that go on in my brain. Before I know it the right side is over and done with. On to the left. My top tooth didn't want to come so easily, but with patient work Cam gets it out. He laughs at why it is so difficult, my roots decided to curve not once but twice. This made it difficult to get out, but he did it. But then I had some sharp bone sticking out from it, so he began to file it down (and beat me up, not really). It was hurting to get it filed, but I was still numb. Weird but true. It was making my cheek sore and the pressure was giving me a headache. But he got it done. Then the bottom tooth didn't seem to bad to get out, but then I had some roots break off. A normal tooth has two roots, mine had four and two broke off a little in my mouth. So, Cam had to get those out. Now I should also note, I have a small mouth that is hard to work in normally, let alone to be yanking my teeth out. Everything worked out in the end and I was swelling quickly. I tried call Mom on my way home to pick up my meds, I didn't want to go long without pain meds. I couldn't get a hold of her so I went to Walgreen's myself. I really didn't want to drop it off and come back later, so I went in a dropped it off. I was a sight, swollen mouth, dried blood on my lips and tongue, not able to talk, with an ice pack to boot (I probably looked like I was on the losing end of a fight). They felt bad a were grossed out so they quickly filled my prescription to get me out of there.

I came home and took my medicane and tried to rest. Now I know I am allergic to Lortab after having projectile puke that night. Luckily advil and ice packs took care of the pain. I didn't bruise like Cam thought I would. And, so far I haven't got dry socket, like I am convinced I will. So slowly I am feeling better, my headache is going to go away someday, but that is nothing new, and eventually my cheek will go back to normal and I can open my mouth fully again. Donna did have us over for Navajo Tacos tonight, which was worth working the jaw out and getting food in my nasty wounds that I can't think about or touch without wanting to throw-up.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

What a day

It has already started out to be a crazy day. Wake up all to early, get Scott fed and lunch ready for work, shower, get kids up, get us all ready, kids fed and lunches made, hop in the car, drive to Scott's work (30 mins away) so kids can get their flu shots, drive home, get their backpacks, drive to school, check them in, come home, call Brittani to see how the sickly are doing, let dogs out, clean dishes, make beds, straighten house, get dinner in the crock pot, eat breakfast, take a break to blog. Now I need to vacuum the house, go over the floors, touch up any messes with Clorox wipes (door knobs & light switches), get dance bag and soccer clothes ready for kids, try not to have too much anxiety over getting teeth out, unload dishwasher (if the dishes are done in time), go to dentist to get rid of my annoying wisdom teeth (which don't make you any smarter, so what is their point), relax and be drugged up so I don't feel to much pain, deal with kids until Harley goes to dance (KG practice and hip hop class) and Noah until Scott gets home to take him to soccer. I hope they don't have much homework, because I don't know how well that will go over. So hopefully Scott has a good day at work, patience with the kids and the kids are good to help him out so they don't try his patience. OR even better, getting my teeth out isn't all that bad. Well back to my check list.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Cleaning Up

As I get the house back in order today and clean the hand prints off the windows, I am a little sad. It was SO much fun having Steph and the kids here. I enjoyed their company, the scrap booking, the frequent trips to Hobby Lobby, and all the other great things. I will miss my little Diva and Monkey boy, grunting his wants and needs. I am glad that they were able to come and visit. I also so glad that my brothers have given me three more sisters that I enjoy having around and give me the cutest nieces and nephews in the world. I am lucky. Sorry to everyone else out there, but I do have the cutest, and that includes ALL of them. As much as I would love to keep playing around with girls, pretending to scrapbook and chasing kids, it is time to get back to reality. After a tiring day of subbing yesterday I begin to tackle a house in much need of some TLC. I need it in order before Thursday before I get my wisdom teeth out, so I can relax after it is done no matter how I feel. I am just excited to get the stupid things taken out, finally. So it is back to laundry and the reality of being a house wife and mom.