Thursday, April 23, 2009

A day in the life

So here is a look at the end of my day, or start. The kids get home from school. Instant DRAMA (I know you can't believe it). Harley doesn't want to go to soccer, she has too much homework, a headache and I lost track. Noah plops down to veg out with a TV show (I think Ben 10). The kids stuff their faces with who knows what (that is why I have a snack drawer so I don't have to worry about it). Harley does some home work and is ready for a break. The fight for the computer begins, only Harley doesn't really want to play she just wants to fight. Noah would rather play DS or WII, but is grounded and play game to help him learn his multiplication. Then it is time for soccer (4:30-6:30). Harley get ready and wants to ride her bike. I say no (too much drama), she says her scooter then, yes I can deal. Scott get home as we are about to leave, so I ask Noah if he wants to stay. Sure. So I whisper to Har she can take her bike (soon you will see why). Noah hears Scott talk about it and now he's in for going with us, stink. We get ready and Noah sees his helmet is in his closet, yells at me for putting it there (I didn't). Harley can't find her helmet and Scott had put it in her closet also, he hate looking for them. We get heading out, late I might add. Noah immediately starts freaking out cuz Harley takes off, but she is good to wait before crossing the street. He can't handle it and is swerving all over the side walk and heads for the street. Finally he calms down cuz Har is waiting for us to cross the street. She takes off and is heading to practice. Another freak out, she might die!! The ask if they can ride in the street next to the side walk. Yes, if they stay close to the sidewalk. Noah begins to swerve into the road, now this would not be a problem if it were a quite street, but it is not. It is busy and pretty much everyone flies down the street. Finally we make it.

Time to head home, sorry long winded and badly written. I carry the bike up the stairs. Harley melts down because I took Noah's first and NEVER do anything first for her. I tell her to get there first next time then. We start heading home and Har take off. Noah can't function, he is steering the bike off the curb and almost runs me over. I stand back and let him fall. Then I tell him to worry about himself and he'll be better off (no dice). He finally gets going and takes off, mad at me and an emotional wreck. They cross the main intersection on and are 1/2 a block from the house. Apparently that gives them free rain to swerve all over the road (The worst place to do it with all the speeding cars). Luckily a car was watching them and went slow till they pulled their heads out off their butts. I am yelling like a manic and people are looking at me like I am crazy (which I already know I am). They get home and I have the 1/2 a block to cool down before talking with them. Or do I? I am about 2 houses away and her a blood curdling scream. Noah is flipping out and yelling some incomprehensible thing at Harley. I think he must be hurt, but then again it is Noah we are talking about, but maybe his finger got caught in a chain or a spoke, but then again it is Noah. I get there and he is lock out of the back yard. I loose it. I don't care what the neighbors think, I lay into the kids, spank them and send them inside. Then I rant and rave at them for a few minutes. Finally we all calm down and we have a good discussion. Scott on the other hand is praying to get a call to have to go into work. And there is a look into the craziness of me.

Friday, April 17, 2009


The kids had a great Easter. We don't like to have the Easter bunny come on Sunday, I think it takes away from Easter (you can think I'm weird, not long ago I would have). So he usually comes on Saturday. We knew it would be crazy on Saturday, so we called and arranged for him to come on Friday. The kids were so excited. Spoiled once again. This year the bunny went crazy. Being the good parent we are we just finally took the time to teach our kids how to ride without training wheels. As we did this we noticed the kids have way outgrown their bikes, so they really wanted new ones. At first they got their treats and were thrilled, but no bikes. As they began their egg hunt, they discovered bikes hiding in the kitchen and were beyond thrilled. Scott took them out riding while I clean the house a little later. We also colored eggs earlier in the week with cousins, a tradition and blast. Then Brittani was so good to throw together an egg hunt at her house on Sunday. It was a fun Easter.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

More of my Randomness

I have some random thoughts and I'll get them out all at once. First, it is great to be working out again. I forgot how much better I feel. I started Monday and it is kicking my butt (note to self don't take three weeks off again). I realize that this needs to be a priority in my life and I don't need to feel guilty about it. Which leads me to two, it is crazy how working out can automatically help reshape your self image. I know I have a long way to go, but it instantly make me feel better about myself. I've accomplished a goal. Not only a goal, but one for me and a healthy one to boot. Third, I love having Mikael in town. I can call and wake her up, way before she wants to and make her come do retarded exercises with me that kick our butts and make us laugh the whole time (at me). I love having her home, but I love to see where life takes her. Even though there are quite a few years between us, even though it gets less every year (I've stopped ageing, I'm stuck at 24, thanks Chanel), we couldn't be closer. That was a mouthful and random. I will miss my exercise buddy that I can talk into ridiculous exercise routines, that will come over anytime I am in the mood to work out. And fourth, I miss the Saturday long runs with everyone. Crazy I know. I was by far the slowest and basically by myself the entire time, but it was so much fun. I have a wonder group of friends and family (which are friends) that push me, encourage me, and make me feel good about my meagre performance (as if I have made a spectacular feet), they also make me strive to be better in so many ways. Well on with my random life.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Noah's Baptism

Well we made it. Noah's Baptism was on Saturday and it went well. I am so proud of him. He is such a good boy. I know at times he is difficult, but who isn't. I also know that he just wants to do what is right and not make wrong choices, but the pressure he puts on himself can be overwhelming. Saturday was a great day. We woke up and got ready for the baptism. I made German Pancakes and fresh squeezed OJ for breakfast, a favorite of Noah's. Then we finished getting ready and headed to the church to set up. Brittani and Grant were wonderful to get the font going for us, so the morning ran much smoother. Everything was ready to go and ran great, the only thing I forgot was to copy a song off which we did really quick there. It was a great baptism. I was a cry baby, what can I say, I am so proud of my kids and it is hard to have another chapter close and yet so happy. I also thought that there was a wonderful spirit there, which doesn't help the water works. Scott gave Noah a blessing that was perfect for him. Afterwards we ate lunch at the church. The kids had a blast and I think Noah loved every minute of it. He is very guarded in his emotions, but I could tell that he felt good about his choice and touch by the spirit. I am so thankful for all the family that came and showed their love for him. It is a day he will never forget.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Feeling like a BUM

Okay I am feeling a bit, a lot, guilty for not doing a thing since the run. It has been three weeks and I worked out once. It is pathetic that I need some race to train for to get my self to work out. To make matters worse, it is making me feel worse about myself appearance wise (not hard to do). It has been crazy busy since the race, so I always have an excuse. My house is in shambles because our bathroom is tore apart right now, spur of the moment remodel before 8 people come to stay at our house and more then that coming into town this weekend. I also realized today that I have a serious problem, ok a lot of problems but a new one I realized. I can't seem to just pick my house up. I feel the need to scrub it when I pick up, so I have just let it go. It is pointless to scrub and scrub when the dust just keeps coming from the bathroom. So I hope that as I clean the rooms and shut the doors the dust will be minimal later and all I have to do is dust. Seriously, what is my problem?!? It is annoying, but unchangeable at this point, I'm too stressed about getting everything done for the weekend (so I will blog). Anyways, here is another wacky insight to the craziness that goes on in my head, an believe me this doesn't even scratch the surface. My poor family, well Scott had a choice there.