Saturday, March 26, 2011

A new addition to the family

We just randomly decided to add another member to the family today. OK not so randomly, there is a purpose behind our thinking. We are going to add another girl to the family. We will get her Easter weekend, hopefully. And who are we adding you might ask. A new Doberman Pinscher puppy. We are having my sister go and check out the family she comes from and her personality to make sure she is a good fit with the family. She currently lives in Utah. We think the puppy we are getting is the grey on with the face looking out at us (not totally sure on that though). She is the owners favorite of the litter, so that is a good sign. We decided to get a Dobby for several reasons. One being Noah has been having nightmares lately and we hoped that a bigger dog would help out, Scott like the protection of one, I miss running with my old dobby Mercedes, and I said the only way we can ever get another pet is if it is a Doberman. So there we have it. The next month will be torture waiting for new arrival for the kids.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's Amazing

It's amazing how life comes at us throwing trials in our way. The way we take these trials can really build our character or destroy us. As of late I have rediscovered the things that are most precious to me (My Family, the gospel, Heavenly Fathers tender love, what peace the atonement can give in our loves, the love Jesus has for us all, the power of prayer, the comfort of scriptures, priesthood blessings, blessing of the temple). It amazes me how quickly life can be completely turned upside down and we feel as we are being tossed about in a storm like a rag doll, but turning to our Heavenly Father can calm me on the inside to deal with the chaos going on about me. To give me the words I would never have on my own, to give me love and compassion when I thought it was not possible, to increase my love ten fold, and to humble me more then the smallest piece of dirt. I hope through all I do, many mistakes and all, that I can try and learn from my difficult times and grow and not become bitter and hateful. I am grateful for the peace I feel in the center of the storm. I am grateful to have a husband to helps to keep me grounded and stand by my side. I am truly blessed to have a great husband by my side.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Somedays Life just gets to you...

And I had one of those days yesterday. ;) I never have enough hours or energy to get it all done, as I am sure everyone knows. I am not super women/mom and that is ok. After having a major melt down yesterday afternoon (after walking in to a house full of freshly cleaned rocks and every towel in the house dirty, after just washing. folding and putting them away) I realized that I NEED to chill. I have been trying to work on this concept for awhile, but it is not taking so well.
Sometimes life seem more then I can handle with non-stop doctor appointments, dentist appointments, church callings, cleaning, running, school projects, homework, grocery shopping and on and on... (you know the drill) So, I guess if my house doesn't get cleaned the way I want or at all this week, life will go on. I just wish I knew how or had the energy to do a little more and save my sanity, what little is left of it anyways.