Friday, December 31, 2010

An End to Another Year

As this year winds down I am sad at it's passing and ready to move on all at the same time. We have finished the year with a bang and whirl-wind trip to Utah to see Jon. We heard about his head injury on Monday night and left within an hour or two. The roads were empty and a beautifully clear. It was a great trip up, but by the arrival time of 2-ish in the morning, we were ready to be there. The next morning Scott went up to Provo with his Dad to see what needed to be done. They did another CAT Scan and had him in surgery in 15 mins to drain the blood off his brain. They said it would be about three hours in surgery, but had him out in a little over and hour and into the ICU unit. I settled the kids and headed up to see them. I arrived about 20 minutes before visiting hours were over and was able to watch them check all his vitals and empty and measure his blood draining from his brain. And let me tell you it was gross, and yet I had to watch. Oh how far this family has brought me to deal with the gross and disgusting. After that we headed to dinner with Jon's wife and friends until we could visit again. I sat in waiting room while Scott and Susan went to visit with Jon some more (only two in a room at a time). Then I went in really quick to say good-bye for the night.

The next day brought tons of snow and terrible roads. And the next day was only a little better. Jon was improving and they were talking of taking out  the drain, so we decided we better head home. It was a LONG and SLICK drive, but we made it safe. Unfortunately when we got home our phones and Internet were not working. So I has to call out the qwest people to come fix it today. An obviously they got it working after working on the box outside and buying a new wireless modem machine thingie!

The last day of this year has been spent trying to get things back in order (unsuccessfully, but who really cares), running errands, getting Scott ready for a deer hunt, visiting Nanny, laundry and now waiting for someone from the gas company to come and see where all that natural gas smell (you know that intoxicating rotten egg smell) is coming from. Let's hope we done end the year with too big of a bang! ;) I know cheesy! To bad we have to ruin someone New Year's Eve.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life comes at you fast sometimes

We are just wrapping up from a great Christmas break and not ready to have Scott go back to work. He will be leaving at the end of the week to go on a hunting trip and I know this next week will bring craziness. Well, I was right on the craziness, just not on what the cause of it would be.

Last night Scott gets a call from his Dad that he is headed to the hospital that night or this morning to get blood drained off of his brain. WHAT?!? is what we all were thinking. I guess he fell at the beginning of the month and has gotten increasingly worse headaches. So he went to the doctor and got a cat scan done. There is blood on the brain and they are not cure what all has to be done. So we hurry and pack ourselves up and head out at 9 last night to get to Price around 2 this morning. We get a little sleep and the Scott's Dad calls and let's Scott know he is ready to head up. So they are on their way (hopefully there) and getting things checked out seeing what exactly has to be done. We are not sure if he is still bleeding on his brain or not. So I anxiously wait for the news and get ready for the day, settle the kids and pray for the best. I'm thinking these last minute emergency visits to Utah after Christmas need to stop. We should just be coming up for fun.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I think I am finally done with ALL my Christmas shopping. Now I have a couple things to wrap and put together and then I am done!!! I have once again realized this Christmas Season that I am not a shopper.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Life is crazy busy theses days and it doesn't help to have stomach flu running around and having a heyday at our house. So with that being said, I have a little bit of catching up to do. The kids had a fun spirit/reading week at school. I started with the intentions of taking a picture each day, but alas it did not happen. I know you're all shocked! I did get the crazy hair day , crazy sock day and crazy hat day. Three out of five isn't so bad. So here are the pictures of the dos the kids decided to go with. Harley wanted the braids sticking straight up and Noah went for the Mohawk. They had lots of fun. Wish me luck on getting caught up on other postings. ;)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Is the year really almost over??!!??

I can't believe this year has already gone by so fast. The new year will be here before I know it. SO what fills my mind when I think of another year almost over? Did I do enough with my kids. I really hope so. As I look back at all the unaccomplished projects at home I have to say yes. Instead of finishing of the painting in the house and deep cleaning every nook and cranny, we vacationed this summer. We had great times at the pool and with family and friends. Is my house in the perfect order I dream of, no. Have I gone to every possible (fun, boring, inconvenient, special) activity at school that is possible (with my kids). YES! So I can look back at all the things I have done with my kids and be happy about the memories we are making together. I know this time will pass all to soon and I dread the day they no longer want me around at every little thing. I already am no longer cool, but a huge embarrassment, but at;;east they still want me around. I have a little over a month to finish the year off the way I want. Giving my kids my all and then some, but still giving myself my needed time too. I love you kids and hope you enjoy all our moments together as much as I do.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Party

We got to party for Halloween this year at Kristy's house. It was a lot of fun...spooky eats, bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins, kids running wild, and yummy treats. We were even lucky enough to have Logan for a few days so she got to go with us. Thanks for the fun!

Logan the Bee

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb

The Mad Hatter

Derek showing us how bobbing for apples is done

The girls

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Carving Pumpkins

I am not big on carving pumpkins (I hate the guts, they stink and it kills my hands), but the kids love it. So we let them have at it and they love it. I just wish we hadn't left it to the last possible minute, like every year, and that my pictures were better. Oh well. They had a good time and I watched as I cleaned up dinner dishes.



Noah working on his master piece. Why he ALWAYS has his shirt off to do this (or anything else for that matter) remains to be seen.

Harley working hard

Finished Product

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I feel so lucky to have so many great people that bless my life. I have great friends, a wonderful hubby, beautiful kids and a great family. One person I am feeling especially lucky to have in my life today is my Sis and friend Mikael (all my sis's are great friends). I had the best laugh tonight courtesy of Mooch. I love how you always make me laugh. I wish I could have half your whit. I am so glad that you find me funny too, because not many people besides myself do. I love to laugh and it seems that I am not doing nearly enough of that these days, so Thank You for the pick me I I have been in such need of. Love you Sis!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

So excited

I can't wait to see my sis Chanel tomorrow. I just wish it were a for fun trip and that Nanny wasn't in the hospital recovering. I hope we can all stay healthy for her trip here, because we have all had the flu the past week and Noah stayed home not feeling well today. So here's to wearing myself completely out to get the house clean today (including cleaning a few carpets), tackling a mountain of laundry, filling some orders and hopefully getting a good chunk of working on Halloween costumes done.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Weekend alone

This last weekend I was able to be home all by myself. It was wonderful. Thanks Babe! I need a little sanity time. So I pretty much did nothing. I was able to visit my Nanny who is in the hospital and just sit there for a few hours. It was so nice to have all my attention on her and not worry about kids or hubby and getting home. I was also able to finish up my kids scrapbooks for the year 2003. I know what your thinking, man she is far behind, but it isn't about being caught up for me. It is the joy of creating something and reliving memories. Well it was great, but I am back to the real world and I have a sick child. So off to babying and cleaning the house.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Picture Worthy Moment

I love it when they make me smile!! How cute is this! The kids wanted to go to Ladera a play while Kennedi had soccer practice. So to tote the kids up to the school, Harley and Jacei devised a clever little plan. They would walk all the munchkins up by having them all hold onto a jump rope. Picture perfect. To bad getting them home wasn't so easy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


You know it is bad when you wake up Tuesday morning and ask your hubby what day it is (because you honestly can't figure it out, but it HAS to be Friday cuz you"re so tired and yet there hasn't been enough things to have gone on the be Friday). When he answers Tuesday and you let out a pathetic moan, you know it is going to be hard getting up this week. The extra bad part is when you almost do it again on Wednesday.

That being said, I am glad the week isn't over yet. I will lose my hubby to hunting and I'm not sure I am ready for that either. Well I guess I have already lost him to it, because that is all we eat, breath, sleep, talk about and even watch TV about for the past month. So next week Thursday I will have him back (for a month or two before the next hunt comes along).  But is still can't wait for my beloved weekend to come along.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Talking myself into...

Seems as if I have been trying to talk myself into many things lately with little success (working out better, eating better, deep cleaning the house...). Today I have to follow through with the thing I am talking myself into. What is that, you might ask? Getting the supplies and "helping" my daughter and her friend work on a project for school. We "get" to make a tooth out of Styrofoam and a tongue out of cake (cuz I'm cheep and ticked I already had to spend $10 on a stupid cube of Styrofoam and don't want to spend another $10+ to do the tongue). A cake will be cheaper and probably the same amount of work. I REALLY don't want to spend my Saturday doing, in mean helping on this project. WHY, and I mean it, do teachers think kids are going to learn so much from sending projects home that parents, I mean kids, do?? Just wondering.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Why is it that Harley catches every bug that goes around school? And with that, why is it so much harder to get everything done you need to with a sick child at home? Oh well, as they say...."So goes life" or at least mine. I have been able to get a few of the many hair things done for the school and Chanel's fundraisers. I also randomly stopped by and estate sale this weekend and got some earrings I can't wait to create some new pieces with. Sad when that is the highlight of your day, but hey, no throwing up so far. So that is a bonus. Off to clean and work on my many flowers, by the way I have 100 of my mini flowers to make.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Week in Review

Just so my kids can look back and say 'Oh, Mom wasn't so lazy after all," because Noah loves to tell people I'm lazy, this is my schedule this week:

Monday: Labor Day - We have been camping and 4 wheeling all weekend, so we get a little more in and pack-up to head home and unpack what we can

Tuesday: Clean-up after getting in (a little), Finish B-day shopping for Har (today is her birthday), Pick-up cupcakes to take to school, Check Har out for lunch and pick up a cake, Wrap Presents, Clean some more (laundry is included in this), Kids come home and Noah reminds me he has a therapist appt.

3:30-4:30 Noah's therapist
4-5:30 Harley and Jacei Kelly Greens Clinic (have to ask for help getting them there, thanks Britt)
7:00 Cake @ Mammy and Pappy's
8ish Home to put kids to bed and scrub out and vacuum the fifth wheel
Somewhere in there we get homework and reading done

Wednesday: Cleaning again, the house looks as if 100 bombs went off (but today I have a goal to at least get the kitchen, living room and entry way in order; I also get Noah's room and more laundry done)

3:30-4:30 Scouts, I am one of the leaders and have to be there the whole time
4-5:30 Kelly Green Clinic, once again need help thanks Janae
5:00-6:00 Noah swim team, to find out his time is different now and he goes from 4-5 but today he stays with a higher level
6:00 Babysit Logan and Cache :)
Get home eat dinner, do homework, read and crash!!!

Thursday: Noah and I have tummy aches, he refuses to get out of bed. send Har to school, crawl back in bed and sleep for another hour. Noah is feeling better and wants to go to school. Get ready and take him. Clean, Make phone calls (set up Dr. appts and fall festival call), work on orders

4-5 Noah swim team
4-5:30 Harley KG clinic
TONS of homework!!! (and don't think because you are a parent you are exempt from this)
Crashing again, I hope

Friday: Now today is going to be a much needed me day. I will straighten through the house and then craft with the girls

4-5 Swim team
6-??? Watch Harley perform at the FHS football game

Saturday: I need to weed, clean the garage or work on orders (but I do hope to sleep in)

So I hope the kids realize how crazy life can be and that I love doing all I do for them. I know right now they don't fully get it, but one day they will. And YES, I love to be lazy if given the chance. I welcome it with open arms.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Not one of those "Shining" Mom moments

So this morning as I get the kids ready for school I realize what a failure I was as a Mom last night. We are trying to get ready to head to the mountains for some good old R&R and I have a million things to do (so I blog) and am running around like a mad woman, OK not so different from any other day. We get homework done (or so I think) and a bunch checked off my list. So as I am packing lunches and making breakfast I realize I never go over Harley's math. I start to and am to flustered for time so I stop and say "who cares!" Then I feel guilty and check it and notice unfinished homework that she missed last night, and a lot of it. What kind of Mom am I? I know my kids need to learn to get things done without me pestering them, but it was a crazy night for us all and she rarely does this. So I was in a bad mood and lecturing, the kids were late for school, oh and Noah was covered in hives so I just gave him benadryl and put hydro-cortisone cream on and sent him on his way. Needless to say, not my finest moment.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Feeling Lame

I have SO many reasons I am lame, besides the usual, so I thought I'd make a list and see if I can knock any off my list to be a little less lame
  • Need to deep clean and clean the carpets, don't want to
  • Have nothing to blog about, ever
  • Can't seem to get the list of headbands done for my nieces that I know they will love
  • Don't want to grocery shop
  • Hate my nails and need to find time to replace them (LONG story)
  • Just want to lay in bed and do nothing and be able to drop 30 lbs while doing this
  • Which brings me to, get in a good exercise routine
  • Wondering how I can get a little motivation in my life
  • Just want to scrapbook, but don't ever make time
  • Need to get some orders filled and don't really want to at the moment, that will come at 10 o'clock tonight when I should be sleeping
  • Can't get motivated to pack for camping
Oh I could go on and on, but I won't.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

OK Everyone

OK guys, it's time for me to do another giveaway from my Etsy store so click on the ScaryCute link on the side and post a comment and spread the word. Thanks!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to School

Another year has come and gone and I am left here wondering where it went. My clock just seems to be speeding up faster and faster and I can't slow it down. This is a bittersweet year. My Little girl is growing up. This is her last year in Elementary and I am sad the time has gone by to fast. She is sad that it is her last year too, she definitely does not get that from me (I was always ready to move on to bigger and better things, or older boys ;) As you can see by the pictures we had terrible lighting, I was in a hurry, and kids or Noah who just wanted to be silly in all the pictures. They were both so excited that they got little sleep, which means once again so did I. I know they will both have a good year, they both have great teachers. Harley is hoping for less drama and Noah is just ready to be awesome at math some more. So here we go on another adventure in our life, and a last adventure of Elementary for Harley. I have to stop now or I might cry because my kids are growing up WAY TO FAST!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

12 on the 12th

So I am finally starting this new scrapbooking challenge that I have thought about for years. I saw on a scrapbooking show Stacy Julian talking about how she carried around her camera to capture 12 things on the 12th of every month. I thought that it would be a fun way to capture my everyday life. Now being my anal self, I thought I had to start in January because it would just flow better, you can't possibly start in middle of the year!! But for the past two years it has slipped my mind to start. So I decided to go a little crazy and start in August. It has captured one of our last lazy days before school starts  Enjoy!!
Scott and I hanging out and watching TV

This kids in their pj's playing DS all morning

The DAILY chore of making up the messy bed

What my desk looks like while I finish orders (I have a lot to do today)

Some of the flowers I am finishing up

Noah my bottomless pit- because who can eat just one yogurt, I need Three

Harley eating cold pizza and still not dressed at 3 in the afternoon

The kids cleaning up to get to go to Connie Mack

Noah thinking he needs to pose for EVERY picture

Making Harley hash browns at 1 in the afternoon, I think she is getting all she can because she will have to wait for the weekends

Scott sneaking a nap after work (the kids took this while I ran errands)

Enjoying the game at Connie Mack, or is it the treats???

And that sums up our day on the 12th. Hopefully I remember to do it next month. Stay tuned to see if I'm a success or failure!?!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Good Intentions

I am full of good intentions of getting things done and never get to it. That is my life, but I guess I figure there will be time later and this summer is no exception. I have been meaning to get caught up on blogging, but we all know I won't. I have just been trying to enjoy the short lived time with the kids home and no extra activities to make me even more crazy. I had planned on having a relaxed summer and getting on top of things around the house, needless to say that did not happen. Since I doubt I will ever getting to blogging about all that we did for our "low key" summer, I decided to make a list

-Scout Camp
-Strep Throat
-Scott's Tri in Price (come home injured)
-Girl's week in Purgatory,day after getting home, and really only a few days :(
-Turn around head to Idaho
-Stop and get a new Wedding Ring :)
-Baptism for Chloe
-Baby Blessing for Seth
-Fireworks galore
-Watching Scott and Richard dual with Roman Candles (a riot)
-Hot Springs
-Head home
-Swim, Swim and Swim some more
-Catching a cold
-Play with friends
-Head to Nana's for a week
-Back to school shopping
-Scott's tri in Durango
-Connie Mack
-More swimming

It has been a crazy busy summer and that is the way I like it. I could have cleaned my house, but let's face it the mess will stay there. My kids are growing up way too fast and will be gone before I know it. I may regret the mess at home for a moment, but I will cherish the memories with my kids forever. And even though I badly need a break, I appreciate every moment I get to spend with my kids.

Monday, July 26, 2010

GIrl's Week

So every year the sisters in the family (that includes the in-laws, but I just refer to them as sisters), Mom, and our kids try to get together. I rarely doesn't happen. This year Mom and Dad were so good to us and got a place up at Purgatory for us all to hang out. Everyone was able to be there this year, if only for a few hours, which I don't believe has ever happened. Me and the kids were a little later getting there because we got back from Price the night everyone headed up. The next morning it was a quick wash of the laundry and repacking to go. Of course it is late afternoon by the time we get there, but who care, we are there. Unfortunately shortly after we arrive Steph finds out she is needed back home to sign for her closing, nice to know before she made the 10 hour drive with 2 kids. We tried all we could think of to get it worked out so she could stay, but alas it didn't work. So we only got to spend a few hours with them, but at least we got to see them. I just felt bad that It was a short trip for her, but excited they finally got to close on their house.  Later we took the kids for fun on the mountain. Chanel was good enough to alpine slide with them. Then they got to rock climb and jump on the bungee trampoline thing that shoots you up four stories. It was a blast. The little one miniature golfed. Some of us Moms even went on the trampoline. We all had a blast before the afternoon downpour hit.  The kids even got a rain check for the next day to do one more alpine slide ride. That night we made tons of hair flowers. It was a blast. Can't wait until next year and hope to have a longer time together.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Scott's Tri

Scott did a Tri in Price this June. It was at 10 on a Friday night. It was called the Lunatic,. because of the Full Moon. The kids were so excited, we all love watching him compete. They made bright signs to hold up for him and cheer him on. The cousins even go in on the action. This Tri was backwards from what he normally does. It was run, bike and then swim. About two miles into the run he hit a pot hole, that you can really see at night in crazy race conditions and got a bad sprain. But, he is a determined soul (you have to be to be married to me) and he pushed through the rest of the race. He beat is goal time by four minutes and came in 14th place out of 200ish people. Only one team beat him. I am extremely proud of him. A couple weeks later and his ankle is still bothering him a off and on and he is determined to do another Tri in a few weeks. I am glad he has found something he loves.

Monday, July 12, 2010

I can't believe it

I just got another message saying I am featured on the Etsy treasury, I think this is the 5th time. Today is a little more exciting though. I am also featured on a site called kaboodle. Check out the like and leave a comment. The more comments and hearts the more popular the page becomes and the closer it get to being on the front page. If you love turquoise and red you'll love this treasury. Thanks for looking and spread the word.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tired of Travel

I am so sick of the car right now. I am having a hard time getting myself to get ready one one more trip. I figure in a little over a week the kids and I will have spent at least 33 hours just getting from point A to point B. We have enjoyed all our travels so far, but I must admit I am having a hard time getting ready for this last one. I know it will be fun once we are on the road, but at the moment I am over it. And that is about all I have to say, except hopefully I'll have pictures of all our adventures post late next week.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Feeling Domestic

I'm feeling a bit domestic the past few day. I sewed Harley a skirt Saturday night for church on Sunday and today I decided to try and make wheat bread. I am still waiting on the results for that, but I did get some white bread done this morning. We have been working on cleaning the house and getting ready for a busy couple of weeks. Oh, and a little yard work and weed pulling. Too bad this is a fleeting feeling with me, but it is nice for the few minutes it lasts. Now if only I could figure out how to parent my kids that are non-stop fighting today. Oh well. I hope sitting in their rooms and not getting to play with friends or on the computer helps. (If only I could be so lucky) Maybe they are in shock from having to get so much done today. Noah did tell me maybe he doesn't want to be big anymore. He is tired of all his chores, welcome to my life. He even said he'd start wearing diapers again to get out of all the cleaning up after himself he has had to do. Silly boy.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Not My Idea of Summer Fun

We have spent a good part of the day cleaning out Harley's closet. It is not fun at all. She is my little Hoarder in training. As we clean through the closet she keeps saying, "Man I just need to throw things away, Why did I save that, and I wish I was a neat freak." Needless to say, I sure it won't even last a day. She is messy at heart. I hope I can train and teach her to be better, but hey my house needs a good clean through on everything so I'm sure that is why she has let it go. So this is the starting spot for my summer "spring" cleaning. At least now we will be able to walk in and she has gotten rid of more then I thought she would. Partially because I told her we would get a box to put things in that she was getting to big for, but couldn't part with yet. She can fill the box up, but if it doesn't fit she has to decide what stays and what goes. Hopefully this will help with some of her attachment issues and we can weed things out after not seeing them for awhile. I guess we'll see. I better go help her wrap it up, cuz I am done with this.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Scout Camp

I am hoping to get caught up on pictures and blogs someday, but for now I will just do my current going ons. This week Noah got to attend Scout Camp for four days. Of course it would have to be record highs for some of the days. I was able (had) to go and help for two days, Wednesday and Thursday. It was stinking hot. Wednesday I was put with older boys from the ward, so I was really excited to be there, because I wanted to be there with Noah. Luckily a ton of parents showed up on Thursday to help so I ditched the group and help Noah's group out. It was a fun day. Unfortunately I ended the day with a monster headache and came home straight to bed. The heat made Noah and his friends be at each others throats, and let's face it hundreds of wild boys running around can get old. I feel for the people there all four days. I do think it is worth it though. Next year hopefully I will get to work days a little more spread apart, or I will have to ask to do something indoors. Now for some summer fun.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A WORD OF CAUTION (to myself)

I am here to caution of the risks of procrastinating working on your yard (maybe next year you will listen, but I doubt it):
- The weather could change overnight and instead of working in the yard in 70 maybe even 8- degree weather, you will get 90 and 100 degree weather out of no where
- It is really hot and there are only a few hour where it doesn't completely suck to work on the yard (good excuse to procrastinate more, but the yard looks like crap)
-You're even more cranky about yard work in the hot sun (do I sense a theme here)
-But most importantly, Sun Block Up, even on the butt crack area that always manages to hang out (trust me it really hurts to burn, I am feeling the pain now)

Please remember these things next year when you want to put it off  a few more weeks until school is out, it is not worth it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

End of the school year

The end of the school year is always bitter sweet. This year is no exception. We were blessed with great teacher and the kids loved them so much. I hate to say goodbye to such good teachers and move on to the next stage. I hate that my kids grow up so fast. Time is just slipping threw my hands, I haven't taught them the all the things I should, I need to be a better Mom, and the list goes on and on (as all Moms know). On the flip side I am always happy to get my time with them for the summer. I am happy to have life slow down a little. I enjoy getting to spend time with family and watch how my kids enjoy their cousins. I enjoy watching my kids get to be kids (which doesn't happen enough anymore). But, I am thankful for the moments we have had and the moments we still have to share. Oh, and if you are wondering what the heck the Thank You cards are for, they are my end of the year presents to the teachers. I am always thankful for all they do and hope that they have people as great as them to be thankful for in their lives.