Friday, August 28, 2009


What staring a fire can make you feel like
Dec and Noah gathering wood

Bert and Mique


Har and James

We decided to head up for Colorado to camp one night when Scott and Grant had a Monday off. We headed up Wild Cat Canyon. It was gorgeous up there. Tons of raspberry bushes, unfortunately they weren't ready to pick yet. It was Mique's first camping trip and she did pretty good. The kids had a blast and we had the pleasure of taking Dec with us. Unfortunately, the smoke messes with my camera every time and my pictures are a bit blurry. We had great tin foil dinners. The kids pigged out on junk and messed around. I'll admit it wasn't the best night's sleep because I didn't want to mess with the cots. The next morning we got up and moving and my stomach was killing me. All I wanted to do was go home, but the kids wanted to hike. Scott took the kids to the river to walk around and they were good with that. It wasn't anything big, but it was fun. Probably the best thing to come from it was the kids getting to camp out in the backyard after we cleaned the tent out. They were up all night talking and playing, but it was cute and Scott and I let it go as one of the last hurrahs before school started back up.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Farmer's and Pike's Market and the Water Park

The Farmer's Market was visited first. The food was yummy, all the berries, homemade pasta and dips. My mouth waters thinking of it. There were tons of fun booths to buy handmade items too. Harley and I love our interchangeable magnetic necklaces. It was a fun day and good food to snack on from it. Another day we Had to go to Pike's Market. It was so much fun. The stinky fish and watching the workers yell and throw it around. They had some delicious smoked salmon. Then it was off to explore. There were tons of gorgeous flowers, delicious fruit and jams. The kids picked up a few trinkets. We took food to have a picnic in the park and took a ton of touristy pictures. My highlight, Mom's low light, was after taking may pictures by the pole the girls gather and Mom's was immediately pooped on. We all gagged and laughed, excepted Mom. Sorry Mom, it is something we'll never forget. Then it was back to Steph's house after a fun day.
Another day was spent at a water/amusement park. We show up and realize it is the last day of some radio special and the place is packed. But hey, we (Dad) saved a tone on getting us in ($20) a person. The little one went to the water and the big kids wanted to ride the rides. (I don't have the pics of this yet). So off we went for Harley and Noah's first roller coaster rides. They had a blast and that is all we ended up doing that day. Thank goodness that water was cold enough from the log ride. Mikael, Chanel, Declan, Decota, Cambria, Harley , Noah and I all went together. I was proud of the kids, they even tried to upside down roller coaster and went on it twice. It was the perfect way to break them in to an amusement park. I can't wait to take them to a big one now with Scott. I really can't think of anything else we did on the trip that wasn't hanging out at Steph's. It was a blast and I can't wait to go back. I can't wait for the Girl's trip next year. I love my family and how well we all get along and have fun, even if I am the one getting made fun of the most. I love you guys. You truly are my best friend in the world, next to Scott of course.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hangin' at the Park

There were fun little parks all around Steph's house, pretty much like churches in Utah. The kids loved taking walks to them and playing. Noah was a little stressed by everything and had lack of sleep, so he and I left and then returned to play with the cousins. It was fun to watch Eva open up to us on her terms, but I was able to bribe her into loving me so even by the end of the trip I didn't have to bribe her to have her tell me she loved me and give me kisses. Leighton on the other hand is ready to love anyone who looks at him and I love that part just as much.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Washington Zoo

I can't remember the name of this place, but the kids loved it. When we first arrived we decided to head straight for the bus/trolley thing to take us for a ride through the park to see the animals. We were there on the best day everything was up close and personal. I think the adults enjoyed it as much as the kids, I know I did. There were reindeer, bison, elk, sheep, deer, swans, ducks, goats, and I'm sure a ton of things I can't remember. We were lucky to have them all up close and some personal to us, the guide was even shocked at how good of a tour we had. Then it was off the the "caged" animals. There were bears, wolves (where we yelled for Jacob off of "twilight" to embarrass the girls), big cats, and more I also can't think of now. There were beautiful walk ways and plants. At the end the we were able to feel the fur of different animals, and Brittani scared Noah by growling at him. A ton of fun and the kids found great mementos to take home.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Catch up

Dinner in ABQ
Logan feeding Mique

Red Robins

Logan helping out

For those not interested in my summer, this is just a catch up so I can journal about it somewhere.

We headed down to Albuquerque the night before our flight and grabbed a quick bit at Village Inn (I think). Logan insisted on sharing with Mique and she loved it. Then it was back to head to bed. My kids were to excited and couldn't relax. I was getting frustrated because we were sharing a room with Logan and Christi, so I wanted them to be quite. It was scorching hot in the room so the kids and I headed to ice machine and to find a drink machine for some bottled water. Of course they were out of water, and I couldn't bring myself to drink out of the faucet (it look gross). So, we let the ice melt and drank the water from them, I'm sure it is made from the same gross tap water, but it is a mind thing. Finally we fell asleep. I woke up to the neighbors slamming doors and thought we over slept, nope it was one, then two, the three and all the way until about 5 in the morning. So finally we got up and got ready to head to the airport after a quick hotel breakfast, which I love the waffles.

Things went pretty good at the airport, except when Asher was upset they took his car seat away. Onto the plane, that was pack, thank goodness the kids were all awesome. We were quit the site too, 9 kids and 5 adults. We arrived and needed to get lunch, but first the rental car, luckily Steph had to cars and her great friend helped bring one to the airport. After that we headed to Red Robins for lunch and had an even bigger crew, 2 more kids and 2 more adults. We ordered and then I noticed a little menu on the table letting us know how many calories we were getting with what we ordered. Can I just say crazy, nothing under 2000-ish calories with fries included, but let me add yum. Then it was off to Stephs to settle the kids and go grocery shopping, which took forever because apparently we left our brains back in New Mexico. I took forever and three trips through the checkout, running back to grab forgotten things each time. We were all happy to be there, except when we had the girls and Noah "running through the forests of Washington" in plain site. I guess everyone needs a good nights rest.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to school Pics

Harley, Kaylee and Jacei
James trilled about the camera




I finally have my camera back and am getting to the picture really quick. I am doing this while I get ready to get Noah and take him to the doctor. He was so cute today because he wanted to brush his teeth extra good so that his breath would smell good for ALL the talking he was going to be doing with the doctor. I'm sure he will take a while to warm and open up. Well I better jet so I can have the house a little bet straitened before I go.

Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day

YES it was the first day of school and no I haven't posted pictures yet. I did take them, but Britt has my camera so Scott and I could go running right after dropping the kids off and not have to swing by the house. The kids were cute, all excited and nervous about the new year. Scott was able to walk the kids to school with me, he got off shift at 6 and decided to take the opportunity to go with the kids on their first day. As we arrived we saw James and the kids were thrilled, she was not thrilled with me taking picture though. We walked them to their lines, and immediately boys were trying to show off for Harley and she was trying hard to ignore them. She met up with Kaylee and Jacei and was off, luckily they are all in the same class Mrs. Barnett. Then we walked Noah to his line and waited, then met his teacher Mrs. Solomon. We walked him to the door and then headed off for a run. Which Scott smoked my out-of-shape (or too big of a shape) over-weight butt. Then we came home ate breakfast (while watching obsessed) and cleaned up. Then I scrubbed and reorganized the kids bathroom. Then I decided I was tired of the dirty skylight and would attempt to clean it, which was a show. It was a circus act trying to get the ginormous ladder out of the garage that was wedged between the Jeep, huge boards of wood and who knows what else. Then I finally got the ladder in the skylight and the clean and finished painting the the thousand degree heat, up high, trying not to pass out from either thing. As I was cleaning up the kids arrived home from school and needed a little break. Then it was off to buy shoes for soccer, school, and church. The kids feet have grown a ton. Scott then met us at Fudrucker's for dinner and shakes to talk about the first day of school. On our way out the kids and I hoped in a photo booth and took silly pictures that will forever remind us of this day. All in all it was a good day. The kids enjoyed it, but weren't trilled about the work. They like their new Music teacher. Are nervous for tomorrow and cried over homework. We are back to school for sure and soccer starts tomorrow.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Getting ready for school

I can't believe the end of summer is here. We start school on Monday and I am not ready for it in most ways. I am ready to get back on a schedule, but I don't look forward to the business of school. Noah also starts soccer on Tuesday and shortly after Harley starts dance. So we are soaking up all the last minute fun we can. Late nights at Connie Mack, camping in the back yard, sleep overs, swimming, and squeezing in lazy mornings. I hate to see another summer go and a new school year begin, it means the my kids are growing to fast and time just speeds up the older they are. But maybe I can catch up on a few things, like blogging about this summer. Who knows. If not it was great and over way too fast, I'm sure it has only been a month since getting out. Well I should get the kids off to the game and tons of junk to eats, and 10 more lbs added to the way too many already needed to lose (at least we are enjoying our time together).