Friday, May 29, 2009



So I found a site that offers free scrapbooking classes (Big Picture Scrapbookng). One of the projects is to summer pictures. I decided for my accessory I would do my purse. Then the next is of your garden. I thought, great, I kill everything. I can't keep a plant to stay alive for the life of me (houseplants for sure). I went out to take pictures of the yard and to my pleasant surprise I have a few things to take pictures of. My garden is beginning to sprout, which I never know if anything will grow. I plant most of it from seed, so as I wait to see if anything grows, I convince myself that I have probably killed it all. So here are pictures of things that are starting to grow. I will continue to take pictures as it grows and as we are able to pick things to eat. For most it is not a big deal to grow a garden, but for me it feels like I am accomplishing the impossible.

Cherries about ready to eat and peas starting to grow


Asparagus and Geranium



Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I have been on a mission to find a new purse. Mine is a few years old and I'm sick of it. All the purses I really, REALLY, like are you guessed it starting at $200 at TJ Max. (Thanks Mom for the expensive taste). The one I absolutely love is of course, green with a brown handle and blinged out, but way out of the price range I am willing to pay. I found a cute orange one and walked around the store for awhile to see if it was the one, I really like it, but it is still $70. Then I see a purse that in my opinion is supper cute. A bonus, not one most people would probably pick. I love the print and it is just funky enough for me with lots of pockets, just a different look. The bonus is it is $30, a long way from the $200. So I walk around with it too. I decide to go with it, still a little wishy-washy. I get home and Scott called it an "Old Lady" purse. I think a cool old lady, but then it starts to bug me, so I want to know, is it old lady or not. What do you think. I usually could careless what anyone else thinks as long as I love it, but I can't seem to make up my mind on a purse, that is reasonably priced. I have bought a few and taken them back, so help me out here.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

It was a fun weekend with lots of family and friends. I always love extra days with Scott and the kids, but today I wanted to post about a few things I was feeling especially grateful for this weekend. I just wanted to let my family and anyone else who has served in the armed forces or is married (or even a sweet heart) to someone who has served. I am thankful for the freedoms I have and the lifestyle and religious beliefs I am able to have. I am thankful for my Papa serving when he was younger and the sacrifices he made to allow us to have everything we do. I am thankful for Nanny and how strong her love for him is to wait and worry about her loved one away at war. I know I don't know a lot about the time he served, but I love the stories he has been willing to share (I think I just love to listen about his and Nanny's lives and their love story. They still have a strong love to rival almost all today). I am thankful for my brother Andrew giving up so much of his time and missing out on moments of his children growing. I thank Steph for stepping up and being both parents when he is gone, and not an easy task to do. I couldn't do it, plain and simple. I am much to dependant on Scott and I admire your strength. You guys are raising beautiful children (inside and out). I should note, I do think that of all my family, but it is true. So in closing THANK YOU.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a great day. I think it started off with Friday. It was Father's and Son's, which means for me Mother and Daughter time. I look forward to it, because if given the choice Harley prefers her Dad. We went all out. We had a baptism for Kinz and then dinner, it was a lot of fun and we were glad to share in her baptism. Then it was off the Target, Harley, Kaylee, Jamison and me, we needed some movies and treats for the girls night. Harley needed new PJ's (like everything else, she's growing too fast). So I decided to let the girls get matching PJ's, Harley and Kaylee's favorite thing. It was hard, no impossible, to find some that came in all three girls sizes. Pretty soon we realized Jamison wanted a night gown, which Harley hates, so I told her to get what she wanted and so she found a princess night gown. Then it was off to the house to put the girls in my room with a movie and Brittani, Britany and I watched a movie in the living room and gabbed.

The next morning Harley and I went to get flowers and veggies at FHS's mother's day sale. We were starving so we went to breakfast afterwards. She was want to head to the mall and go to Claire's, a girls heaven according to her. Then it was back home to relax and organize her jewelry. I love the girl time together, so I consider that part of my mother's day treat.

On Sunday, I woke up to breakfast in bed. Harley made me pancakes, cinnamon toast and a hard boiled egg. It was great and she was so proud of herself, the best part. Then she gave me a necklace she had made herself, very cute. Noah gave me some flowers and painted a pot they go in, loved them. Then for dinner that night, P-Max made brisket. I was awesome. It was a good weekend and I love that I know how much my kids love me.

Monday, May 4, 2009


I fell like a slacker. This last week has been crazy. I have a feeling that is how it will go until school ends. I couldn't really look back and tell you what happened. I do know that Friday was the school's fun run for MS. I tried to get a second runner for Harley or Noah so I could run at the pace of one and not fight two. Needless to say everything fell through, and needless to say it was miserable. The kids wanted to run/walk at different times. We had crying, because I am so loving and told them to breath through the cramps and it didn't work, but crying will. I couldn't figure out why it bugged me so, and then I came down with the stomach flu. Yuck!! The only good that comes with the stomach flu is you quickly lose weight, but alas it returns as soon as the appetite does and so it is all for nothing. I was hoping it was a short bug, but it lasted all weekend and I just stayed in bed and let Scott run the show. So today I had to play catch up on cleaning the house and do some grocery shopping. It was miserable, because I still don't feel well. I guess the other good thing that came of it was Harley missed her last soccer game, that they didn't cancel even though it had rained all night and all day. So we missed out on the mud fest, darn. Now I am killing time before I put the kids down. I might add, while I listen to Harley freaking out because she can't do a front flip on the tramp and is grunt/crying to get all the way around. She can't figure out why she can do it on the bed and not on the tramp. I told her to just forget it for the night and a further freak out, so whatever. Hopefully she doesn't break anything, I don't think I'd be to sympathetic tonight. Oh, Noah was playing crack the egg with Harley and Kaylee earlier and smack his nose. He came screaming out front that he broke it, and if any of you have heard him scream it is like a foreign language. I finally figured out what he was saying, checked his nose, it wasn't bleeding-bleeding, but there was blood on the inside. He couldn't hold the freak out back any longer and so as I checked the nose out I got a face full of spit and flying blood as he let loose. Just another day in the life. I know your jealous.