Monday, June 21, 2010

Feeling Domestic

I'm feeling a bit domestic the past few day. I sewed Harley a skirt Saturday night for church on Sunday and today I decided to try and make wheat bread. I am still waiting on the results for that, but I did get some white bread done this morning. We have been working on cleaning the house and getting ready for a busy couple of weeks. Oh, and a little yard work and weed pulling. Too bad this is a fleeting feeling with me, but it is nice for the few minutes it lasts. Now if only I could figure out how to parent my kids that are non-stop fighting today. Oh well. I hope sitting in their rooms and not getting to play with friends or on the computer helps. (If only I could be so lucky) Maybe they are in shock from having to get so much done today. Noah did tell me maybe he doesn't want to be big anymore. He is tired of all his chores, welcome to my life. He even said he'd start wearing diapers again to get out of all the cleaning up after himself he has had to do. Silly boy.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Not My Idea of Summer Fun

We have spent a good part of the day cleaning out Harley's closet. It is not fun at all. She is my little Hoarder in training. As we clean through the closet she keeps saying, "Man I just need to throw things away, Why did I save that, and I wish I was a neat freak." Needless to say, I sure it won't even last a day. She is messy at heart. I hope I can train and teach her to be better, but hey my house needs a good clean through on everything so I'm sure that is why she has let it go. So this is the starting spot for my summer "spring" cleaning. At least now we will be able to walk in and she has gotten rid of more then I thought she would. Partially because I told her we would get a box to put things in that she was getting to big for, but couldn't part with yet. She can fill the box up, but if it doesn't fit she has to decide what stays and what goes. Hopefully this will help with some of her attachment issues and we can weed things out after not seeing them for awhile. I guess we'll see. I better go help her wrap it up, cuz I am done with this.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Scout Camp

I am hoping to get caught up on pictures and blogs someday, but for now I will just do my current going ons. This week Noah got to attend Scout Camp for four days. Of course it would have to be record highs for some of the days. I was able (had) to go and help for two days, Wednesday and Thursday. It was stinking hot. Wednesday I was put with older boys from the ward, so I was really excited to be there, because I wanted to be there with Noah. Luckily a ton of parents showed up on Thursday to help so I ditched the group and help Noah's group out. It was a fun day. Unfortunately I ended the day with a monster headache and came home straight to bed. The heat made Noah and his friends be at each others throats, and let's face it hundreds of wild boys running around can get old. I feel for the people there all four days. I do think it is worth it though. Next year hopefully I will get to work days a little more spread apart, or I will have to ask to do something indoors. Now for some summer fun.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A WORD OF CAUTION (to myself)

I am here to caution of the risks of procrastinating working on your yard (maybe next year you will listen, but I doubt it):
- The weather could change overnight and instead of working in the yard in 70 maybe even 8- degree weather, you will get 90 and 100 degree weather out of no where
- It is really hot and there are only a few hour where it doesn't completely suck to work on the yard (good excuse to procrastinate more, but the yard looks like crap)
-You're even more cranky about yard work in the hot sun (do I sense a theme here)
-But most importantly, Sun Block Up, even on the butt crack area that always manages to hang out (trust me it really hurts to burn, I am feeling the pain now)

Please remember these things next year when you want to put it off  a few more weeks until school is out, it is not worth it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

End of the school year

The end of the school year is always bitter sweet. This year is no exception. We were blessed with great teacher and the kids loved them so much. I hate to say goodbye to such good teachers and move on to the next stage. I hate that my kids grow up so fast. Time is just slipping threw my hands, I haven't taught them the all the things I should, I need to be a better Mom, and the list goes on and on (as all Moms know). On the flip side I am always happy to get my time with them for the summer. I am happy to have life slow down a little. I enjoy getting to spend time with family and watch how my kids enjoy their cousins. I enjoy watching my kids get to be kids (which doesn't happen enough anymore). But, I am thankful for the moments we have had and the moments we still have to share. Oh, and if you are wondering what the heck the Thank You cards are for, they are my end of the year presents to the teachers. I am always thankful for all they do and hope that they have people as great as them to be thankful for in their lives.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Need your help

Ok, I will be shameless. I am trying to get word out about my etsy shop. So I am doing a giveaway on my blog. This is where you come in. I need your help to spread the word. Go to my blog to check it out, ScaryCuteCreations on my side bar. I have a lot of work to do, but I wanted to get the word out. Thanks for your help and don't forget to leave a comment, most likely you'll be one of the winners. Thanks