Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Only a half a day of school left and no lunch to pack tomorrow!!!!! Just thought everyone would like to celebrate. Maybe I will get around to posting end of the year pictures, but I promise nothing

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Little Misty

We have had our new puppy for a little while now and the kids (and me) are loving her. With that being said I must admit we have a knack for picking out stubborn dogs. She is determined and not the easiest to potty train so far. I keep telling myself that she is still pretty young and we need to have patients. How much the kids love her is worth it though. She loves them a ton already too. She whines while they are at school and lays by Noah's bed waiting for him to get home or under Harley's bed sometimes. She is going to be a great friend to the kids, just like I remember my dobby Angie being to us when we were growing up. I just wonder if she will realize that she is not a lap dog when she is fully grown, because she likes to be all up in your business and having company at all times.