Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Penguin Time!

Every year the Ladera second grade puts on a penguin play. It is the most exciting part of the year and every kid looks forward to it. They talk about what part they want and hope to get for about a year until they get their part. Last night was their performance and today is the celebration of a job well done. Noah did a wonderful job, it was very cute. Harley did a wonderful job last year too. It is so much fun to see them get up and perform and I was glad that they were excited to get up and say their parts in front of the all the people. The day after the play they wear black and white to school and get to eat black and white treats. So last night I was up until 11:30 make some penguins out of olives, cream cheese and carrots for Noah to take. He was so excited and I am so thankful for the internet to give me creative ideas that my mind could never think up. Now if only I could be motivated to clean up my house.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Own Worst Enemy

Why is it that we are our own worst enemies? I hate that it is a daily battle inside my head. My biggest battle right now is wanting to run, or at least at the beginning of the week it was. I wasn't able to run much (2 miles) last week and then I got sick. I didn't want to push it and become worse. Then this week rolls around and I haven't run for a week and don't really want to. By now I really don't want to run in the race, it just doesn't seem like it sounds fun anymore and I am tired. Well I talk myself into running 2 miles and go to the gym. I get three miles in and feel great. It didn't even feel like I had missed anything. Then Yesterday rolls around and my arm is killing me. It hurts to lift and pretty much just move. What the Heck did I do? I just ran, how could one arm be so dang sore? I know I'm retarded and look even more so running, but this is ridiculous. So today rolls around, I'm a little less sore. But, I really don't want to run today, so I just go and do it, only 2 miles since Sat. I need to run 6.5 - 7 (YIKES). Well I get home and low and behold, I have a blister on the arch of each foot. Come on now!! I have a hard enough time motivating myself. Do we really need to make this any harder. To add insult to injury, someone said that I wasn't training very good (enough) and wouldn't be ready for the race. Thanks! This is hard enough. I wish I had someone to train with, maybe that would help. If I could just get outside of my head and be more positive about this. But, alas, it is hard when your tires, hurting and discouraged. The only thing motivating me at the moment is proving people wrong and showing that I can finish the race, even if it takes ten times longer then anyone else and I bring up the rear. Even if my family is waiting by themselves at the end because it has taken me so long to finish. I will do it to prove I can and that is the only thing keeping me going right now (because we know it is not losing weight that is, since I just want to keep packing it on, and on , and on, should I go on?)

Monday, January 26, 2009

Lost and Found

On Saturday night Scott went to lock op the dealership for the night and ended up taking Cocoa with him. Cocoa is a pretty good dog, doesn't like to stray to far and will come right back as soon as you call. Well he managed to get off on his own and was lost. Grant and Scott looked for over an hour and couldn't find him. Scott was so upset, how where the kids going to react, he was only out of his sight or a little bit, where could he have gone, and all the other wonderful things. When Scott got home he was so upset, so I thought I would go check things out. I looked and didn't' see or hear him and then Grant showed back up so we looked some more. It was around 1 in the morning when we gave up. The next morning we let the kids know. It was so sad for them, especially Noah. They asked if we could get another puppy if Cocoa wasn't found, grudgingly I agreed (Hannah just had puppies so they could pick one for free is they wanted). I called the pound and there was no sign, dead or alive of him. We were sure someone probably took him home and were hoping that they would find him and call, not just keep him considering he is an expensive dog and yorkies are stolen all the time here. We said many prayers and went to church. I kept hoping that someone would find him and call. As much as I hate having the dogs around, well cleaning up after them really, it is worse to see the heartbreak in Scott and the kids. After church we decided to check voicemail. Sure enough some ladies found him hauling butt down Main Street and grabbed him before he was hit, about 1 in the afternoon. They called and returned him. The pound also kept calling back and checking in, which I thought was very nice of them. So we have our Cocoa back. He was filthy and exhausted. He really didn't want to eat, he just wanted to sleep, but we were worried because yorkies tend to get low blood sugar really easy and have seizures. So we cut him up chicken leftover from dinner and mixed it with corn and peas. He was so happy to have human food. Then Harley gave him Gatorade to drink with a medicine thingy and bathed him. He is much better today and really doesn't want to be outside for more then a minute. Apparently he did not like being lost and prefers it here. We are glad to have him back, maybe.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's good to have Scott home

Scott is back in town and it is so nice. I must admit my kids probably love it too because I realize I am a lot more relaxed when he is here. I can handle them being awake a little later and let the house go a little, or lot more (because Scott gets irritated if I clean too much, not that you can ever tell that I have). We sure missed him a lot. I am glad that he spread out his training over a few months time, instead of being gone pretty much the entire month of March. The kids were so excited to have him home too. I think he is glad to be home so he can get the boat in working order though. The first order of business for him, and no relaxing until it is done. So even though he is back in town, I guess he really isn't home. At least he is at night, so now I can fall asleep at a normal time.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Enjoying Logan

We have had Logan this week and are loving every minute. She is such a good baby. She loves the kids and laughing with them. She is just the sweetest little things, we will miss her when her parents get back. I have shared her a little with Brittani too, but we seem to just be hogging her. I did have to have Britt take her today, because last night I could tell I was coming down with strep. Thank goodness Logan is already on antibiotics so she can't get it from me. I also was lucky enough to have a full prescription lying around and started right away. I am feeling a ton better today, thanks to Britt watching Logan and letting me sleep the day away. She is back now and the kids are getting every last minute of playtime, snuggles and fun in before we put her down. Did I mention she is the sweetest little thing. I love her snuggles and kisses. She is a treat to have around. I also realize how much having a baby would change our lives and how much Noah still acts like a baby and wants me to baby him instead of Logan, boys. It has been a fun week with her. The only thing that would make it better would be to have Scott home, but he will be here again tomorrow and I can't wait.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Crazy week

I has been a crazy week, my house is a mess and I could care less to clean it, I just finished my 2nd day of subbing the special ed class and need to go run. But, all I really want to do is crawl in bed, watch some tv (no thinking involved there), order in dinner, and do nothing else in the evening. SO motivated, I know, you're all dying for my motivation. I am excited to have Logan this next week and Jamison for two days the next, so that is incentive enough to clean my house and get it together. It just the running that is hard to convince myself of right now. My legs were so tight after this week after my four miler last week and I don't want to deal with that again. It is a relief to think that I have taken the next two weeks off, so I don't have to worry about getting calls to come sub (I hate it when the phone rings and I don't want to answer because I don't want to work). I guess I should motivate myself to get some things done, this blog is good for something (I write about what I don't want to do and will feel even more lazy and pathetic if I don't actually do those things so I go get them done).

Yesterday he went to U of U to see the doctors. They removed the dead skin and nails and said they were impressed with how good the skin (cells?) looked underneath and how they had regenerated themselves. Only time will tell how things will go and if they can keep infection out, but they are looking up. Linda said that she couldn't believe how much better they looked after they removed the skin. SO , thanks for all the prayers. They have been a true blessing, even just for the comfort and helping to keep things in perspective.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

It is good to be home. It was a quick trip this weekend to Price and back, but it was good to visit. Trent is doing pretty good considering everything he has been through and all that he has yet to go through not knowing what to expect. On Wednesday he will go back to the doctors and see what they want to do. So we still play the waiting game.

I must admit I am happy to be home and ready to just stay here for awhile. The only down side is Scott has to leave town on Sunday until Friday. We are going to miss him and I feel bad he has to hop in the car and travel, but it will be good to get the training that he needs for work done. I am also glad he ended up spreading it out a little more instead of being gone pretty much all of March.

The kids are home from school today. They do not feel well and so I let them sleep in and then was going to take them to school. Of course they made sure I took their temperature before I was going to make them get ready (anything to stall or try and get out of it). It's a good thing they did, they both have a slight fever and with tummy aches they should be at home and not at school. They are driving me nuts however. They both don't feel well and so they both need babied and want everything their way because they don't feel well. Oh and they whine, I know what you are thinking Not Chelsey's children. I know a shocker, but true. Well off to babying, paying bills, and grabbing a nap.

Friday, January 9, 2009

If you don't want to hear me gripe don't read this

I just don't want to do anything today. Trent is out of the hospital and went home on Thursday, so we are taking off to Price again today. Now don't get me wrong I'm excited to see Scott's family, I just am not looking forward to another 10 hours of driving time this weekend. I am tired and don't want to pack and clean and get things done for Primary before I leave. My list is growing and I am procrastinating. O.K. gripe done. I need to clean and pack so later today I can run errands.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I did it

I know for a lot of you out there running three miles and feeling great, almost the whole time, and feeling like you could do more is not that big of a deal. But to me it is great. I didn't lose everything I was working towards before our trip to Spain. I might actually be able to run the half marathon. I am so excited. We'll see how I feel after my three and a half miler on Thursday and four miler on Saturday. It wasn't even bad with my arm, elbow. I just didn't want to bump it on anything. It is feeling pretty good and the swelling is down. The bruise isn't too bad. I think it is okay and as of now will not go and get it checked out. Two reasons I don't want to do this: 1) It doesn't hurt that bad so why waste the money and 2) I don't want to be told something is wrong and I can't run or do things. So time will tell, but I think I just bruised it good. I am just happy that I could do my run and feel great today. I just feel like I don't know where my day went. School was delayed, yes, but that made it so I couldn't run until after ten (plus I had to renew my college membership, thanks crazy 8's, 8 months for 80 bucks!). Well the journey continues and I am not even a fourth of a way there, but I am positive. I just hope to shed so pounds as it goes too.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Well we are back after a too quick trip to Utah. When we arrived we went straight to the hospital to see Trent. We were all relieved to see that he was doing much better then we imagined. He still seemed to be in shock or his brain still thawing out, but the frost bite wasn't nearly as bad as we imagined. Don't get me wrong, it is still not good and he has a long way to go, but we were happy with what we saw. His fingers were the worst of it. His knee was good by that time, his ankle was okay and his toes were looking better. The doctors main concern was about his fingers. His thumbs looked good and parts of his fingers were blistering, a good sign, but a lot of them were still black and gray. Most of his fingers looked good from the middle knuckle to the hand, it is from the middle finger to the tip that is a concern. We hung out for a awhile and then left to get dinner when they kick you out for an hour to do their thing. Then we went back to say goodnight. He also was starting to feel pain and finally decided to get on pain meds. The next day we got up to see Trent again and his fingers were looking a little bit better. His thumbs and pointer fingers looked the best. The rest were looking better, but it is the blood flow we have to worry about and can not see. No real news that day. They popped the blisters and cleaned and wrapped they wounds. He loved this because he didn't have to be covered up anymore. He had enough of that. They tested his blood and were giving him magnesium because that was low (not sure what day though). The kids and I left to go swim and let Scott stay and hang out. There are only two people allowed in the room at a time and the hospital gets boring after awhile, although the kids were extremely good and didn't want to leave for to long at a time. After swimming we decided to go to the room and see what was going on , but graceful me slopped down the stairs and bumped my head, bruised my elbows (though I might have chipped one) and heaven forbid kicked Noah in the head (by far the worst thing done. So we made it to the room and I had to lay there an hour before I felt good enough to do anything. We went back to the hospital to tell Trent goodnight and pick up Scott. We met some friends at the hotel, Jaryd and Marcie and their kids and Denet stopped by. It was good to see everyone and visit. We hadn't see the Draper's in at least 6 years so it was fun to see them and meet their kids. We visited till after midnight and then went to bed. I had a hard time sleeping, but managed to get a little. Then we got up the next morning, got ready and packed and headed to the hospital. We told Trent goodbye, it was really hard because we wanted to stay with him and he wanted us there. On the way home we received news that his pinkie and ring fingers were not looking good, they weren't improving the blood flow. But it is still to early to tell. It is a hard thing to think about losing fingers, but we are happy that this is the extent of it. Trent came very close to death, only a few hours away and inevitably if the people had seen and helped him. We keep saying also that if there are fingers to be lost those ones are okay, it is the thumb and pointer that really will make a difference for him to keep doing most things normally. We just pray that no matter what he will be okay with the outcome and move forward to live a happy and fulfilling life. I will keep that updates going and hopefully the news will continue to be hopeful and happy.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Leaving Town

It is late and I should be in bed, but tonight we received some upsetting news and it is hard to sleep. Trent went missing the other day, which happens every now and then, and we hadn't heard anything so assumed all was well. At dinner tonight with the fam, we received a call that Trent had been found and was being sent up to U of U hospital to receive treatment for frostbite. It seems so surreal. I can't wrap my head around it. We heard back not to long ago that his fingers on each hand don't look good and his toes. It will be a week or so before we know if they can even save them. They think his thumbs will be okay and his knees and ankles. He doesn't remember what happened. He also suffered from hypothermia and as far a we can figure he had been missing over 24 hours. He was to the point that he thought he was at Lake Powell and extremely hot. He was taking off his clothes to cool down. Luckily some guys crossed his path and called the cops, who in turn called an ambulance. We head off in the morning to go see him and give him support in this trying time. If only we could relax and sleep. We hope everything works out in Trent's favor, but we are just glad that he was found alive.