Friday, December 31, 2010

An End to Another Year

As this year winds down I am sad at it's passing and ready to move on all at the same time. We have finished the year with a bang and whirl-wind trip to Utah to see Jon. We heard about his head injury on Monday night and left within an hour or two. The roads were empty and a beautifully clear. It was a great trip up, but by the arrival time of 2-ish in the morning, we were ready to be there. The next morning Scott went up to Provo with his Dad to see what needed to be done. They did another CAT Scan and had him in surgery in 15 mins to drain the blood off his brain. They said it would be about three hours in surgery, but had him out in a little over and hour and into the ICU unit. I settled the kids and headed up to see them. I arrived about 20 minutes before visiting hours were over and was able to watch them check all his vitals and empty and measure his blood draining from his brain. And let me tell you it was gross, and yet I had to watch. Oh how far this family has brought me to deal with the gross and disgusting. After that we headed to dinner with Jon's wife and friends until we could visit again. I sat in waiting room while Scott and Susan went to visit with Jon some more (only two in a room at a time). Then I went in really quick to say good-bye for the night.

The next day brought tons of snow and terrible roads. And the next day was only a little better. Jon was improving and they were talking of taking out  the drain, so we decided we better head home. It was a LONG and SLICK drive, but we made it safe. Unfortunately when we got home our phones and Internet were not working. So I has to call out the qwest people to come fix it today. An obviously they got it working after working on the box outside and buying a new wireless modem machine thingie!

The last day of this year has been spent trying to get things back in order (unsuccessfully, but who really cares), running errands, getting Scott ready for a deer hunt, visiting Nanny, laundry and now waiting for someone from the gas company to come and see where all that natural gas smell (you know that intoxicating rotten egg smell) is coming from. Let's hope we done end the year with too big of a bang! ;) I know cheesy! To bad we have to ruin someone New Year's Eve.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life comes at you fast sometimes

We are just wrapping up from a great Christmas break and not ready to have Scott go back to work. He will be leaving at the end of the week to go on a hunting trip and I know this next week will bring craziness. Well, I was right on the craziness, just not on what the cause of it would be.

Last night Scott gets a call from his Dad that he is headed to the hospital that night or this morning to get blood drained off of his brain. WHAT?!? is what we all were thinking. I guess he fell at the beginning of the month and has gotten increasingly worse headaches. So he went to the doctor and got a cat scan done. There is blood on the brain and they are not cure what all has to be done. So we hurry and pack ourselves up and head out at 9 last night to get to Price around 2 this morning. We get a little sleep and the Scott's Dad calls and let's Scott know he is ready to head up. So they are on their way (hopefully there) and getting things checked out seeing what exactly has to be done. We are not sure if he is still bleeding on his brain or not. So I anxiously wait for the news and get ready for the day, settle the kids and pray for the best. I'm thinking these last minute emergency visits to Utah after Christmas need to stop. We should just be coming up for fun.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


I think I am finally done with ALL my Christmas shopping. Now I have a couple things to wrap and put together and then I am done!!! I have once again realized this Christmas Season that I am not a shopper.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Life is crazy busy theses days and it doesn't help to have stomach flu running around and having a heyday at our house. So with that being said, I have a little bit of catching up to do. The kids had a fun spirit/reading week at school. I started with the intentions of taking a picture each day, but alas it did not happen. I know you're all shocked! I did get the crazy hair day , crazy sock day and crazy hat day. Three out of five isn't so bad. So here are the pictures of the dos the kids decided to go with. Harley wanted the braids sticking straight up and Noah went for the Mohawk. They had lots of fun. Wish me luck on getting caught up on other postings. ;)