Friday, November 21, 2008

Day Four- Shoe Shopping

We decided to take the day off and go out on our own. Sorry Miguel, I know how you will miss me and my family. We slept in until 10 when Mom called to wake us up. Just enough time to rush and get ready and make it to the morning feast before they clean up (look you don't get a body like this skipping meals). We found out Marabel (or something like that) was a good place to shop. They have both name brand, in other words way out of my price range, and old town shopping, in my price range. I decide to wear my boots today , because I need to luck in finding some awesome boots to take home from Spain. We grab our cabs and head over to Marabel. The cab driver tells us were we will want to shop and so off we go, after being hit up by the mustached lady for some money (in her defense I think she was homeless). We headed across the street and there it was, the best store, with the best shoes ever. There were hundred of cute shoes. To top that they were reasonably priced, better then I could get in the US (rare these days). I was in heaven trying on shoes, shoes, and more shoes. Scott was good to sit and watch. I did notice I picked the most outrageous things and everyone else went conservative, shocker. After trying on 20 or more pairs I had to narrow it down. I ended up with 2 full boots, 1 ankle boot and 1 high heel dress shoe. I love them all. They are so much fun. The best part is all together they cost about as much as one pair of boot back home would. I was set, we could go back to the hotel for all I cared. I knew wearing my boots for luck would pay off.

We walked around some more after that and window shopped some store. It was fun to see all the thing, but I already spent my money (or did I?). We stopped to get lunch, because everything closes for about two hours. The place was delicious. Scott had some calamari and it look gross, but I tried it. Not to bad but way too chewy for me. I also split a club sandwich with Scott. It was pretty good, but very different from the one back home. The fries were the best (does that even need to be said). Then we walked around some more, got some gelato, walked around some more. As we were window shopping, waiting for the stores to open, we stopped to look at some shoes. This man is strolling around and walks around the corner and lets one rip. I mean shake the walls fart. We all looked at each other, Mom thought it was me, Patty thought it was Scott and Scott and I couldn't believe the guy would let it go so close. Then we all started rolling with laughter. Then Mom goes and looks down the alley to see the guy, who is hovering back there in embarrassment. We walk off and then we see the poor man sneak out. It was a good laugh though. We did a little more shopping, I got some shirts for the kids, scarves fro me and a jacket for myself. Then before leaving we found a chocolate churro shop and had one. It was huge. The churro was not as good as the first one, but the chocolate was as good. Then we caught a cab back to the hotel to get ready for dinner that night.

It was the big dinner KOB put on for the group. We were taken to an farm/bullring/horse show place. They had a show where we watched the Andalusian (or whatever) horses dance and then a flamenco dancer danced with one of the horses. Then it was inside to dinner. It was a yummy dinner. Then the flamenco dancer preformed for us. Then it was back to the hotel with gifts of shot glasses. Great presents for the guys Scott works with.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Day Three - Granada

sorry I don't know why it ended up side ways and I can't figure out how to flip it or remove it

The man making the cool wooden, bone, metal pieces

ruins left from times of war

inside the Alhambra

Once again we got up and ready to eat breakfast around 7 in the morning. And once again a feast. We wanted to be a little early for our tour group so we might be able to choose our tour guide, or not choose Miguel. We are headed of the Granada today to visit the Alhambra. When we arrive to the lobby we ask how many buses and who will be the guide of each bus. There will be only one bus and our guide is, you guessed it, Miguel. We are thrilled. We hope on the bus and head out. Oh great, the same spill as yesterday. Spain has the best wine, everyone should drink wine with lunch (but not to get drunk, just two glasses it is healthy), the olives are the best, the olive oil is the best, the blah blah blah. I should have it all memorized I have heard each thing repeat four to nine hundred times for the second day. I was just glad that he didn't like to repeat himself. Then it would have been a terribly repetitive day. We did learn he is divorced and remarried and some other stuff I quickly forgot. Too bad he wasn't more like-able, he knew tons of information, it just got lost in the "stop, listen to me, is everyone listening to me." I didn't we were back in school. The lady next to us on the bus was a riot. She kept commenting on how she felt like a naughty school girl getting chastised by her teacher. Any who, back to the story, We stopped at a rest stop bathroom, cafeteria, shop place off the side of the road. We had 20 mins. for a break and Miguel was timing us. (Really he told us that) It was nice to use the rest room, get some much needed caffeine, snacks, and even a little olive oil lotion (which my kids are hording, especially Noah who has a thing for all things soap and lotion). Then back on the bus and off to the Alhambra. We find out we will be split into two groups and are figuring a way to maneuver ourselves in the group without Miguel. Pleasant surprise there are two different guides that will be taking us on the tour, NO MIGUEL!!!

We start the tour off in the gardens which are beautiful. We get to learn the history of the place, which most of it I have forgotten (our guide was wonderful, but I really had to concentrate to understand her English). I know the castle was first built by the Islamic people and the taken over by the Christians. It was beautiful. The details in all the work was amazing. It seemed as if the was a step back in time when the Christians took over. There is a distinct difference between the intricate work of the Islamic people and the typical Christian architecture. Really you just have to see it in person. It was amazing to me too, that they have to turn people away every day because they only allow so many people in at a time, because space is limited, and you have a certain time that you have to be there by or your ticket become void and you SOL. There was so much history in this small palace. I definitely want to read more about it. Maybe then I could go into more detail. For now, it was amazing and beautiful will have to do. Scott love all the wood work, the thought into the structure (there were stalactite looking things hanging from the ceiling to reduce the echo and keep the privacy), the toilet holes in the ground, I could go on and on. One of the most interesting parts was when we stopped in a shop and watched a man make these intricate works of art. They would lay out a design and then fill the spaces with wood, bone and metal. There were many small, symmetrical pieces too. He showed us how he would glue long sticks of bone, wood and metal into a design and then slice it like salami so that they would be symmetrical. They were beautiful. I wish we had time to look around a buy a few things. Unfortunately for some people, Skip and I can't remember her name, they got lost from the group at the end of the tour. We were short on time and Miguel was impatiently waiting for us. They took count and realized the two were missing. Miguel hopped of the bus and then the bus pulled away. Everyone on the bus was dumbfounded that they were just going to leave the two there. I'm sure everyone had thoughts of "I wouldn't want to be left behind, and What is going on". Luckily the bus turned around, I think he just had to keep the flow of traffic going, and when we got back the two missing people had found their way back. Miguel was not please though, and everyone felt for the couple (needless to say at a quick pit stop they quickly grabbed a beer to calm the nerves).

After we were done there they took us to a bull ring to have lunch. It was delicious. We started off with tomatoes and cheese, which is big there, and then had green olives (freshly picked). Then they brought out slices of bread drenched in olive oil and toasted with an egg, asparagus, ham topping. This was my favorite part. The main course was either ham or chicken. I wasn't really in the mood for ham so I ordered chicken. When they brought it out I thought perhaps I ordered wrong. It was a whole chicken, for just me, spread eagle on my plate. She was not modest at all. All the women had a look of "Oh great" on their faces, including and especially me. I didn't want to be rude so I dug in and it was delicious. After that it was back on the bus and off to the hotel for another round of Phase Ten (come to think of it this may be the first night of game and tomorrow the second, I really don't know. I believe we had two nights of games, but then again that late at night I can't remember much except the runs killing Mom).

Monday, November 17, 2008

Day Two Rhonda

The Bull Ring

Some Church, I thought was pretty

Scott loved how the buildings were on the edge of the cliffs.

What a good looking couple

The main shopping street

After a good night's sleep and waking up at 3 in the morning, I get jet lag in the reverse, we get up and get ready for our day. We all decide to meet at breakfast at 7 that morning so we are ready in plenty of time for our tour. The breakfast was huge and amazing. Bread like you wouldn't believe, no wonder my gut won't go anywhere, fresh fruit, a chef cooking eggs how you want, pancakes, a bunch of meats (fish, sausage, bacon...) that didn't interest me, and chocolate fountain to dip fruit in (yuck) and who knows what else, oh potatoes many different ways. So once again we feasted then headed of to our room to finish getting ready to head to Rhonda. We are in the first group to leave and have a tour guide, Miguel. He introduces himself and starts to give the 411 on what we will do and where we are going. He doesn't seem to bad. We arrive and head down the main shopping street, we are in and older town. A quick walk through and off to the bull ring. It is fun to look at the stuff, but all I hear from Miguel is blah blah blah. He doesn't capture my attention. I try to be polite and act like I am listening and sneak of to get pictures here and there. Miguel is starting to get testy and shushes some people, I think another tour guide and some ladies taking pictures. Then it's off to check out the town. He is moving much to fast to get pictures, but we are not to worried about keeping up. We took the pictures we wanted and then caught up, he is long winded (loves the sound of his own voice) and so we will catch him about the time he finishes, just the way we like it. Well before we know what happens Miguel chews us out like little school kids. He starts out, "I am very nice, don't take me wrong. I have been here ten minutes waiting on you while you shop. I do not like to repeat myself. If you want to shop then leave you don't have to be here. I am not your Father. I am nice, but I don't want to have to wait and repeat my self......" blah blah blah. Funny I don't remember shopping up to this point, but now it looks like fun. Everyone else in the group was embarrassed for us and him and it was awkward, as Harley likes to say. Mom, Patty, Scott and I decided that the shopping he suggested sounded good, well much better then hanging out with him. Talon and Annie took off on their own to get pictures and meet up later. We knew the meeting place and time.

The shopping street, or whatever you want to call it, was fun. There were lots of fun little shops to check out. I tried on some clothes, hated the way they fit (story of my life), tried on some shoes, walked around, found Scott caffeine, walked around, had a churro and chocolate (not an American churro either and Annie has pics of the ones we had sorry), ate some gelato, shoe shopped more and found a cute pair of flats and then headed back to the meeting spot after obtaining more caffeine. Luckily on the way home we didn't have to ride on the same bus we came on so sorry no Miguel.

That night we decided to eat dinner at the hotel. It was hamburgers for some and club sandwiches for others. Pina Coladas for all. After we changed into comfy clothes we headed to Mom's and Patty's room to play cards and eat candy. (The pounds are piling on now) It was a fun game of Phase Ten, which we did not finish. I was extremely tired and got a kick out of the runs stage. I believe it was Mom who said, "These runs are killing me!" I cried from laughing so hard about the runs and them killing Mom. Needless to say we went to bed not long after that. Day three coming soon....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Heading to Spain

The night before flying out we left to Albuquerque to stay the night and have enough time to get to the airport. It was a boring night with just a quick drive down and off to bed. I got up early the next morning to run and get ready to go. Unfortunately there was no exercise facility in our hotel, which I didn't discover until after I got up. Oh well, I just started getting ready. Then it was off to the airport to start our long day. Luckily we didn't have to be to the airport until 8:00 ish. But it's a 2 hour wait for the flight, which passed quickly. The first leg of the trip was to Houston. We had just long enough of a layover to meet up with Talon, Annie, and Patty, and grab some lunch. Then it was onto our next flight to Paris. This is when the fun began. We go a window seat (Scott's) and I had the middle. As we were looking for our seat we were greeted by the aroma of BO. Luck me got to be squished in between Pepe-le-PU and Scott on a hot flight that did not have air conditioner, blowy things. It was a LONG flight. Talon could smell the sweet aroma of BO from a far and was extremely jealous of my seating arrangement. Thank heavens the flight finally ended, with little sleep, my nostrils burning, and even a few tears from me. Then it was a quick rush to our next flight that they had to hold the plane over, we were late and had to do customs and all that fun stuff. The next flight was off to Malaga. Oh what joy this plane brought me. No stench of BO. The seat felt huge, only to me, and there was air conditioner blowy thingies. I was able to sleep and little and be embarrassed about the tears I had on the Pepe-le-Pu flight. After arriving in Magala we hoped onto a bus and headed to Estopona, about an hour away. We caught the last bus for our group because Annie had to make a claim on missing luggage. And it was so nice because there were about 10 people on that huge bus. Scott was exhausted and slept quit nicely, everyone knew by the snoring, to the hotel. We were greeted with yummy food and were able to check right into our room. I waited for my luggage and changed to go for a run. Let me tell you, running never felt so good. It was sweet joy to stretch me legs and a work them after being cramped in planes and sitting on buses for more hours then your body cares to. That night we went to a great dinner with tons of yummy and some not so yummy food. We all stuffed ourselves and stole little bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar to take home (Mom ended up with the most, she was stocking up for food storage). Then it was off to bed, which we were more then happy for, to get ready for the next day. The bed were great, but we did get the chastity king sized bed. Two twins put together and each made up separately so you have sheets tucked in between the two of you. Not to romantic, but great for jokes. At least they were comfortable. I guess we are done having kids.?.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

We're back

It is good to be home. I have to still download all my pics and go through them. But it was such a great time. I really enjoyed having Talon and Annie there. I was nice to get to spend more then a few moments with them. We also enjoyed having Mom and Patty there. We missed Dad and wished he could have been there. As I get the pictures I will add them and stories that I want to remember about our trip. I hope to do it soon, before things fade. I am just trying to get over jet lag, which has been hard for me this time and enjoy being with the kids again. Unfortunately Scott had to jump right back into a busy work schedule and is working long hours and this weekend. It was fun, but it is good to be home.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One Last Blog

That is before SPAIN!!! I think I have everything done that I need to for now, so I will blog really quick while I wait for Scott. This morning I woke up , the 2nd time, to thunder and snow. Since when does it thunder and snow at the same time?!? A lady at Wal-mart told me it was God's way to show he is angry that Obama was elected President. I got a kick out of that. It does make you think though. It is freezing here. I am not ready for winter.

I am so excited to be leaving on a trip with Scott. We really have never done this in our 10 years of being married. Definitely not without kids. It will be an experience. I am already missing the kids. I hope they are good for Britt and Christi. I hope they have a good time while we are gone. I hope they know how much I love them. These are the random thoughts running through my head. I know my kids will be well loved and taken care of while I am gone. I just hope they are as good to those taking care of them as they are being treated. Harley has been a pill the past couple of days, because she is getting over strep-throat. And we all know the kids get to be so much fun when they feel good enough to let you know how bad they feel. Today she was a lot better, but not totally. I let her stay home and spend the day with me and recoup a little more. Noah was happy to go to school and loves being there. He just can get a little crabby when his routine changes. He is very excited to have some spend the nights with his cousins though. All will be well. Well I'm off to spend the rest of the time I have with my cuties.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


I can't believe Halloween has come and gone. It just snuck up on me this year. I barely took any pictures, I almost forgot to get the kids in thier costumes and did so at the end of the night. It was a whirlwind of events. I wish I would have slowed done and enjoyed it more. I feel like no matter how fast I run, I just keep falling farther and farther behind. We crammed in carving pumpkins after soccer and before bed Thursday night, thanks to Scott (he did it all). Then I barely and hap-hazardly got the kids ready to trick or treat on the way out the door to the trunk-r-treat. I sat down ate a little dinner, relaxed for a minute, lost Noah and his friend Joshua, panicked about finding him before hi parents came to trunk-r-treat with us, finally tacked them down (after the parents got there), trunk-r-treated, came home, handed out as much candy as possible and went to bed. All this after running around all day (from 8-5:30 that night only being home long enough to make a couple quick calls and leave the kids with Scott). So I feel like I didn't even get to enjoy Halloween. But I did throw together a scary rocker outfit, that wasn't so far off of how I dress (sorry no pics). Now we are home trying to nurse Harley back to a healthy little girl (she has strep) and hope no one else gets sick (or if so soon so we can get the meds we need before we leave on our trip). I am tired from just typing this so I am going to get the kids to bed.


Thursday Britt, Mom, Christi and I spent all day (9-6) canning. Well I ditched out the last 2 hours for soccer practice. It was a fun day. I love the time to hang out and visit. My kids love the canned apples and the memories of hanging out while I canned and sneaking as many apples as possible. This year they were at school most of the day. Amber introduced me to canning several years ago. I thought she was crazy for wanting to do it, but decided to give it a try. I actually enjoy it! There is a feeling of accomplishment when it is done, needless to say a nice addition to food storage. I think the apple are beautiful in the cans. I took several pictures of the process and look forward to scrapbooking it when I get back and find time. I am still tired from canning and it is three days later, but it was a fun day. Thanks girls for all the fun.