Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November Update

A quick update of this month.

Things seemed to fly by once again. We were lucky enough to spend time with Andrew and Stephanie for a little bit. While they were on their trip to Ireland we were lucky enough to get to spend many dinners and lots of time with Mikael, Eva, Leighton and Dean. The time just flew by.

Mikael was sweet enough to let me help in giving her a baby shower (we can't wait to meet the little guy).

Before we knew it it was time to head up to Utah for Thanksgiving. We had a ton of fun with the family and Harley loved all the shopping she got done.  We are ready for Christmas.

While we were up there I was able to meet with a new doctor I have been working with to go over some more blood work and other tests. I have officially be diagnosed with Hashimoto's (an autoimmune disease). So now we are on our journey to figure out how to move forward and hopefully send this beast into remission. Basically it is giving me hypothyroidism by attacking my body. Diet will be the key factor and I am ready to learn all I can so I have the energy to keep up with my family. I am so happy to finally have answers and excited to move forward on a new journey in life, even if I have to give up some of my favorite foods (good-bye gluten).  I am excited to see what the next month will bring and what memories will be made. I just hope to be better at capturing it in pictures.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

October Update

Well maybe a once a month update is all I am going to get to do but here goes last month...

Once again we kept busy with the kids activities. Harley's UTI finally cleared up after three different antibiotics. The Dr decided to go ahead and have an ultrasound of Harley's kidney's and bladder. The good news is everything looks good. I had a moment of panic thinking of how I would manage her if she had to get kidney surgery like her dad. Thankfully we don't even have to go there.


I was able to go on a field trip with Harley, probably the most unnecessary and pointless field trip ever, but it is always nice to get to spend one-on-one time with the kids. We went to Chaco canyon and spent more time in the vehicle then we did there, the roads were awful. Unfortunately I didn't have any knowledge on the sites so we pretty much ran around and looked for 30 mins before the kids had to hop on the bus to head back to school. I luckily was able to take Harley home with me and the were able to get back MUCH faster.
We also went to a choir concert for the kids st their school. and before we knew it Halloween was here. The kids couldn't wait to carve their giant pumpkins.  Harley's was eating a little one.
And Noah's had four faces.
We then had our Ward's Halloween party, where I took no photo's because I forgot my phone and camera at home. (Harley was Batman this night).  Then on Halloween we went to 5th Ward's party to see all the cousins and I actually remembered to take a couple pictures. Noah was a Zombie riding an ostrich and the second night Harley was a Spanish Dancer with two of her good friends, Kaylee and Kecia.