Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Life comes at you fast sometimes

We are just wrapping up from a great Christmas break and not ready to have Scott go back to work. He will be leaving at the end of the week to go on a hunting trip and I know this next week will bring craziness. Well, I was right on the craziness, just not on what the cause of it would be.

Last night Scott gets a call from his Dad that he is headed to the hospital that night or this morning to get blood drained off of his brain. WHAT?!? is what we all were thinking. I guess he fell at the beginning of the month and has gotten increasingly worse headaches. So he went to the doctor and got a cat scan done. There is blood on the brain and they are not cure what all has to be done. So we hurry and pack ourselves up and head out at 9 last night to get to Price around 2 this morning. We get a little sleep and the Scott's Dad calls and let's Scott know he is ready to head up. So they are on their way (hopefully there) and getting things checked out seeing what exactly has to be done. We are not sure if he is still bleeding on his brain or not. So I anxiously wait for the news and get ready for the day, settle the kids and pray for the best. I'm thinking these last minute emergency visits to Utah after Christmas need to stop. We should just be coming up for fun.

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Chanel said...

Oh No! Keep us up on how he is doing and we will keep him in our prayers. Make sure you guys get enough sleep!!!!