Monday, February 6, 2012

Refiguring Out Life

We are working on new routines, new cooking, and pretty much a new style of life. We are trying to figure out Scott's food allergies which are, oh let me see, everything. We have taken things out and decided to try his beloved cheese on Sunday. It didn't work out so well, I am still waiting to see how cheddar is. So it is looking like dairy will be out. I am pretty sure wheat is going to be out, just from looking at the past. We know apples aren't good, but will try it in the juice form to see. Hopefully that works out because he is limited on drinks and doesn't love water all the time. I bet oatmeal is out too. I really hope eggs are ok. I am learning how to cook all over again and everything from scratch. This isn't the easiest with my crazy schedule lately but we are making it work. Thank goodness I found a great website that has gluten and dairy free recipes. They also give alternatives for eggs. The two recipes we have tried so far have been a hit. so here we go into yet another adventure of life!

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