Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Noah's Birthday

Noah had a great Birthday this year. Three days of partying! ON Saturday we took two of his friends, Gunn and Cade, to see "The Lorax" and the for some Coldstone. On Sunday we had a family party at Mammy and Pappy's house. It is always so much fun to get with everyone. He was spoiled with great presents, had stir-fry, egg rolls, homemade egg drop soup and best of all a red velvet and cookie dough Coldstone cake. Since most of his partying was done before his birthday and Monday's are insane at our house, we decided to fill his room with balloons (he has an obsession with balloons right now). Harley and Scott filled them up and transported them home, this took a couple of trips. When we were filling his room up they kept on bursting. I couldn't quit laughing. He woke up one time and I was able to get him back to sleep quickly. The second time, after about five "gun shots" went off and woke him up again I tried to get him back to sleep. I just couldn't quit laughing long enough though, and that only woke him up more. At least it was officially his birthday at that point. He had a great day.

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