Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Post Cleanse

I was ready to go with the cleanse (after having to push it back twice), Scott was ready to give it a go with me and so we started it. Scott was done by the end of day one and truthfully I encouraged him to stop. I really didn't want him at work having light-headed dizzy spells. By the end of day two, I finished it. Massive migraine that would not be taken care of and being completely miserable. I ate some protein and immediately felt better. So the lesson learned, this cleanse is not for me. I have felt worse then before I started and am that much more frustrated.

The good news is I have found two support groups on Facebook that I can turn to. So now I am researching other diets that will work better for elimination/provocation. I am leaning towards AIP or Autoimmune Paleo. It is pretty strict with little as far as options go, but it is for 30 days and then I start adding foods back in. I think I will go Paleo after that for a bit, which doesn't allow much more. Then perhaps a more GAPS based diet. Still not totally sure, but Paleo seems to be what the majority of people feel better on with Hashimoto's. I am grateful to have found a support group that shares ideas, successful treatments and it helps me not feel so dang lazy understanding that my body is just not working right and it will take a while to get there. So the journey continues to begin, but it will be interesting and full of stories I'm sure.


Mikael & Ronnie Squire said...

I cant wait to hear how things are going and hopefully you are finding some relief!

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How's your healthy pursuits going? You might find my diet blog of interest:

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I cant wait to hear how things are going and hopefully you are finding some relief!


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