Monday, June 1, 2009

Bitter Sweet

Scott and I just celebrated 11 years of marriage on Saturday. We really didn't get to do anything, but we were together. We got to hang-out and relax a little. It was fun just to be together, and with Noah too (Har was out of town with the Nygren's). It is crazy to think we have been married for 11 years. In ways it feels like we have been together forever and in others it feels like it can't already be 11 years. Despite all the ups and down that marriage can bring, our love continues to grow bigger and stronger, even though you think there is no way to possibly love each other more, you can. Now the bitter part. Sunday we had to say goodbye to Scott yet again so he could head off to Houston for the last training session, a least for awhile. He will be back Friday and we get him for a week and then it is off to Gallup to help out at the plant there for turn-around. I know it isn't nearly as bad as Steph's situation, but I miss him none the less. I am thankful that he was able to get someone to cover for him over the Fourth of July so I can see my cute newest Nephew and let him know that Mikael can't be his only favorite, even if he peed on Talon for her. Then a couple weeks later we will be off to help Steph forget about the bitterness of having her loved one gone so long. Although, she'll probably be so excited for us to leave by the end and have a quite house again, I can't wait to invade. And that ends my randomness for now (at least in the blogging world).

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Stephanie said...

Okay, so I'm the world's worst blog commenter because I use Google Reader, but I just HAD to tell you how stinking excited I am for all you girls to come. I think about it a million times a day, thinking about what we'll do and what we'll eat and how much fun we'll have. I am SO SO SO SO SO excited!!! I wish you guys could stay longer, because I know it's going to go WAY too fast. :)