Friday, May 29, 2009



So I found a site that offers free scrapbooking classes (Big Picture Scrapbookng). One of the projects is to summer pictures. I decided for my accessory I would do my purse. Then the next is of your garden. I thought, great, I kill everything. I can't keep a plant to stay alive for the life of me (houseplants for sure). I went out to take pictures of the yard and to my pleasant surprise I have a few things to take pictures of. My garden is beginning to sprout, which I never know if anything will grow. I plant most of it from seed, so as I wait to see if anything grows, I convince myself that I have probably killed it all. So here are pictures of things that are starting to grow. I will continue to take pictures as it grows and as we are able to pick things to eat. For most it is not a big deal to grow a garden, but for me it feels like I am accomplishing the impossible.

Cherries about ready to eat and peas starting to grow


Asparagus and Geranium




Chanel said...

It looks like it will all be ready for me to eat in July. I will be looking forward to some fresh veggies!

Brittani said...

It looks great, awesome job!