Monday, September 14, 2009

Lake Powell

We head out for Powell with a van full of crap. We are able to take our time and stop for lunch and stretch our legs in Blanding. We arrive at Halls Crossing and have to wait for Jon to pick us up so Scott and the kids play in the lake and jump off the dock 'till Gramps arrives. I am a bum and sit and wait to get picked up, I fell terrible. Jon and Susan arrive (his new wife we meet for the first time). We load up and head off the the house boat. First impression on Susan is that she is very nice and is completely in love with Jon. We unload the boat to the houseboat with all our crap and Noah can't wait to play so he is off the slide countless time and just a plain wild man. I think WHO is this kid? He is not being timid at all. We finish and find a beach to park the house boat on, dig the anchors and set up. Amber and Jeff are having to get the trailer for the toys fixed, luckily they catch it before they are on the road or a disaster would have happened. They are delayed a day. The next day is lazy and kick back. The Nielson's arrive. There also is Jon's and Susan's friends that come down that morning, Skin (Grant) and Cathy. We all just hang out and play. It is a nice relaxing day and we are able to get to know Susan better. She is so nice and so much fun. The best part is that she and Jon have a blast and truly are in love. She was the little mother hen of the trip and it made me feel like a bum, but was nice 'cause I still was not feeling well. We took the kids tubing and realized the ski boat didn't sound good. Yep, it broke, well not totally but we didn't want to finish it off, so it was parked. That night was a HUGE storm. Probably no the worst, but the worst I've been in. The anchors washed out and the house boat was headed fr the shore line sideways. Everyone jumped into gear, even me. It was off to reset the anchors, add two more, and fish the ones missing out of the water (in the only pair of pj's I brought). We got that settled and rescued. Then the boat was banging up against the houseboat and we needed to move it. Next thing I know Scott is in the ski boat floating away and can't start the motor. He is headed for the houseboat next to us.Amber and I run to warn them and get help. Once again in the water, we drag the boat back to our house boat and tie it up. The raining stops and we try to settle the kids, who's nerves are shot by now. As soon as they fall asleep it rains again and we have to move them to a more sheltered spot (I'm getting tired just thinking of it all). Nerves were on edge and tempers were high, but we all came out good. Then it was playing fun and more visitors. Gramps friends, Delbert and Chase, Trent, Wade Hussy, Mark and Anna (his friend). Luckily Delbert brought a small jet boat which helped out a tons. Loosing the ski boat only slowed us down in some ways. We still had a ton of fun on the water toys and around the houseboat. Scott even drug the kids around on the tube behind the wave runner and ended up getting a couple pricey tickets for doing so (the grand total of $330). Those tubes were and the slide were the things most used this trip. I had a great time hanging out with Amber. There was tons of fishing too. The kids had a blast with their cousins (as always) and it was good to see Mark. It was a blast despite a few setbacks.

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Perry, Christi and Logan said...

sounds like you guys had fun besides "the storm issues" and boat issues. Sometimes I guess you just have to laugh when things go wrong.