Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Princess and the Pea

My kids are a crack up. I don't know where they come up with things half the time.

My house is disgusting me(big surprise, it's that spring fever cleaning time of year for me). Today while washing Harley's sheets I decided to give the whole bed a washing, mattress cover, bed skirt, all of it.

I go to put on the freshly cleaned, bleached and dried bed skirt on Harley's bed (not a fun task). As I'm doing my acrobatics of balancing the mattress and laying down the bed skirt underneath it, all while trying to keep it straight, I notice a nasty looking shriveled up thing on the bed. As I get closer, without getting to close, my mind is racing as to what it could be. Some bugs nasty nest, a dried up centipede, and egg sack (I had nightmares about bugs last night, can you tell). I grab the trash and find a fruit by the foot wrapper to grab the nasty thing. My heart is pounding. I really just want to run and scream and wait for Scott, I'm a fraidy cat. I take a deep breath, scoop up the centipede and go in for a closer look, but not to close. I should note that I don't have my glasses on and really should. As I look at the disgusting things and contemplate what it could be, again with out getting to close, I decide to chuck it. I continue to work on the bed and then it hits me. The kids got a pea and stuffed it under the mattress to see if Harley could tell. Obviously she is not a princess, for she forgot about the pea and didn't even notice it. It's crushing to find out you're not royalty and heart pounding situation to clean up for the germ/bug aphob.


Brittani said...

Lol, that is too funny. Sounds like Harley and Noah.

Mikael Webb said...

Let's face it, which one of us HASN'T tried that.

The Graff Family said...

haha! of course she is a princess....what are you talking about???