Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The procrastination Queen

I am the queen of procrastination. I am very good at putting things of and then freaking out to get it done. I have always done this and continue to do this. It only adds to the felling of my life spinning out of control. You ask, "Why don't I fix it?" The answer is Who knows, certainly not me. Case in point:

Noah has been preparing for his third grade project of report on someone famous that made a difference in America. He choose to do his report on Daniel Boone. Let me tell you that kids has no (I stress the no) organization skills. We did and re-did things many times because of miss placed items. I was ready for this to be over, until last night. I realized that the next day was when he needed a costume to present his information in the living museum. YIKES!! How do you come up with an outfit like that. Luckily I thought I was ahead of the game, ha, an bought stuff to make a costume. Then the stress set in when I realized I had to have the outfit done that night and not in two days. Needless to say I got it done. The outfit was OK and his hat was a riot. BUT, I had an outfit he loved none the less. He memorized his lines, the morning of, and present them to kids all day when they pressed the button on his hand. Then we went back tonight to let the parents listen. I am happy it is over so I can work o the baby shower stuff (that I am not procrastinating) and be done with the re-doing of his report. Noah is happy to have new pj's too.


The Graff Family said...

i think the costume looks great! you did WAY more than i did! good job!

Perry, Christi and Logan said...

He looks so cute! Great costume