Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lesson Learned

I hate having my children grow up and face new challenges and learning experiences. I have to admit I am so happy and proud to be blessed with great children (somewhere they mixed up giving us our payback trouble makers, but don't let anyone know). And what exactly am I talking about you might ask, well I will tell you. It all starts with a birthday party, a spend the night one at that. I am not a fan, but I have a great daughter who is a good girl. All week I tossed the idea around of letting her stay the night and just letting her have a late night. Finally Scott and I decided that we'd just let her stay the night.

The next day after she is home she comes to me and lets me know a couple of the girls decide to play True or Dare (a game not allowed in our house, because I know what starts happening as kids get older). She told them that she is not allowed to play and sits out and does her own thing. By this time the parents are asleep and unaware of what is going on. One of the girls dares everyone to get naked in front of each other. A couple of girls decided to opt out, obviously including Harley, so they have to go hang out in the closet. The girls who decided to participate were stinkers to those who didn't want to do this, knowing that it not ok. Harley said it stunk to be treated badly for standing up for what is right, but she would rather have that then do something she knows wasn't right.

I am so thankful that Harley will come and talk to me about these things. I am so thankful that she is a strong individual that will stand up for the values she believes in. I am thankful for the prompting to teach her we don't play truth or dare at a young age. I have been blessed with a daughter who is far better and stronger then me ( my son is too).

So the lesson of the story sleepovers, no truth or dare, and it sucks to have your children grow up and have to worry about these kinds of things,


Annie. said...

Wow. I am so, so proud of Harley. Good for her. She should know that we are ALL proud of her! It really DOES stink to be the one who chooses what's right, and then especially be ridiculed for it. I'm glad she at least had a few friends who were smart enough to do what was right too.

I hate to think what was going on in these girls' minds when they decided to dare everyone else to get naked?! Kids are growing up way too early now!

brit said...

way to go Harley!!! what a great learning/teaching experience for us all.

Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Good for Harley!!! What a great girl you are should be proud