Monday, February 7, 2011

My Last Party For Harley

I am so sad that Friday will be my last Party for Harley!! (and a little excited too, I am getting sick of all the parties, but not enough to not be sad) I can't believe she is already almost done with elementary school!! Time flies too fast, it seems like yesterday we were getting her ready for kindergarten. She would cry at the door everyday and I would just turn around and walk off to leave her to deal with it (my heart breaking with every step I took). Now I am being told how unfair it is that Scott and I get to make all the decisions in her life with tears (this stems from a conversation on which high school she would get to go to). I still can't get over how quickly life passes me by these days.

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The Graff Family said...

Its definately depressing but at least we get to go through it together!