Saturday, May 12, 2012

Changes are on the way

In the past couple of weeks Scott and I finally made a decision that has been plaguing us for the past year. The ever burning should we or should we not. I feel we have tried every other imaginable route the the one we are about to embark on. We have felt temporary relief if any in the previous decisions, but they were not enough to help heal a lift a heavy burden that has been so buried and festering in our souls. I few weeks ago I finally hit my brick wall. The fight left my body and I completely broke down. Unstoppable tear and little comfort came, but with that a huge decision was made. We will be making some changes in our lives until the time come for us to fully heal and hopefully move soon.

With this change I have had a heavy burden lifted from my shoulders. I can feel myself re-awakening like the flowers after a long winters rest. Slowly pushing my way back and opening up again. I have not felt this free and light in a long time. We have yet to make the change, it will come after this weekend,  but the relief from knowing we are moving forward is immeasurable. It was the little nudge I needed to help me remember that Heavenly Father is still there and is aware of every difficult step we take. This is an answer to a prayer that has been long running through my heart on a continuous loop that never ends. Finally the clouds are parting and the sunlight is starting to burn its way through the clouds and back into our lives. Peace is filling my soul once again.


Chanel said...

There is nothing quite like the site of the sun peeking through the clouds after a long absence from the sky. It is so refreshing, renewing and invigorating. With that said, it still will pop in and out of the clouds for a bit making it's way out of the storm and into the fresh, clean, renewed sky. But just the sight of it peeking through is enough to let us know that the storm is coming to an end, and the results of the momentary storm will bring forth beauty, life and peace that would never have come about without it. Yes, the flowers could have lived on hose water, the grass would have grown with the sprinkler, the garden would have produced with being watered from a watering can, but the storm will have taken those things beyond what they would have been and made them more rooted, more hearty, and stronger. The buds and vegetables that they will produce will become bigger, healthier, and more lovely than they could have ever been. The colors will be more brilliant and beautiful to all of those that see them. And while the heat will return and beat down on those things, they will be able to withstand longer and more bravely than they ever could without the storm. I am glad that the sunlight is beginning to creep into your soul again. I continue to pray for you heart to have peace and rest. I am also very grateful for all that you are teaching me, and for the trials that your family willingly told Heavenly Father that you would endure in this life in order to strengthen and teach me and my family about so many different things we needed to be tested and taught. Your sacrifices and trials and the way you have dealt with them have made such a huge impact on the thinking and testimonies of my family. I am greatful for all that we have learned from you and your family.

Mikael & Ronnie Squire said...

This post makes me so happy! I am so glad that you can feel some peace and I have been able to see the giggly, wild Chels I know and love come back out. You always put others before you and your kindness and hard work doesn't go unnoticed. Keep fighting! We are in your corner! And most importantly, so is Heavenly Father!

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