Thursday, April 26, 2012

Almost there

The school year is almost over!! I am so ready for a break. We have one week left of dance, four more of school and then the fun can begin. It already looks like a fun and busy summer and I can't wait. We will be moving on from the Elementary School stage of life and be all in on the Middle School experience this year. I am ready for the independence for my kids (an myself, to have of Mom not being involved in everything) but at the same time it is sad and a bit nerve racking at the same time. Harley is doing great in Middle School and I hope Noah will be ready for it next year. Harley just did some testing and in Math is 2 1/2 years above grade level. She had to decide between pre-algebra or just going into straight algebra. She pick the pre-algebra. She wants to make sure she understands and gets the basics. Noah also tested high in Math, so we will see what they do with him. New and exciting things to come in the next year. Hopefully some new beginnings too.


brit said...

i have a feeling noah is going to thrive in middle school. and sheesh they are both a couple of smarty pants. good job!

Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Wow-thats awesome they are both doing so well in math...(definitely NOT my forte) For some reason I didn't realize Noah is going to be in middle school-Holy cow!! They are both getting so big! Now that school is about out-we will have to do lots of scrapbooking and swimming this summer!

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