Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September update

I'm a bit behind, story of my life. Here is what has gone on this month....Hanging out with Family over Labor Day at Purgatory and enjoying all they have to offer. The kids had a blast and played hard. I was able to catch up with friends, Jason and Katie, and have fun with most of my family.

 Scott was off on a hunt the first 9 days of September, but it payed off. He shot and elk that will soon hang in the living room and our freezer is restocked with meat. Yum!
Harley officially became a teenager. With Dad gone we had a small party with dinner, cake and Shaley. Best part was getting her Kindle I believe. She also was able to party with the family in CO, because we have 6 birthdays in about a weeks time.
The rest of our time has been consumed with school, dance, football games (Harley loves to watch her friends play), sewing lessons, sickness, more sickness and I can't remember what else, oh yeah jury duty :p
A pretty good month minus the sickness


Chanel said...

Sounds like a good month! Wish we could have been in CO with y'all!!! Can't believe my bug is a full fledged teenager :P

Mikael & Ronnie Squire said...

I want to see more pics of that elk head on your wall!

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