Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Favorite Color

I am stealing Brittani's blogs to journal, because I don't have a list yet so it is how I am getting my ideas. I want my kids to know me when they look back some day and maybe their kids will enjoy it too. So...

My favorite color without a doubt is GREEN! It has been as long as I can remember. I don't think it has ever changed. When I was little I also loved frogs, especially Kermit, and so green was just perfect with frogs. Now I will admit that different shades of green have been my favorite at different times, but it is always green. Right now the shade of green I love the most is the green you will find painted on the walls of my house. Before that it was a sage green, a darker sage painted on all the trim through our first house and the lighter sage of the carpets. It sounds hideous, but I promise it wasn't, at least to me. Now my second favorite color has always been something that goes along well with green, at times it is purple, in High school it was magenta, and right now it is a cranberry red, the colors of my sofa, it all depends on the shade of green I like at the moment. I love color. I love the way colors look together, but I love green. It is very hard for me not to buy everything I wear in green. It is the first color that calls to me, I probably like it because it is a color I can wear and I love the different sades of green it brings out in my eyes depending on what I wear. Green makes me feel good, and not many things do. I could probably go on and on about green, but I won't. Just know that it all stems from my love of green and frogs from when I was little (and wanting to be Miss Piggy, which I could do so well now being the pig I am).

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