Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Discovering myself through running

I have learned a few things trough running that I guess I haven't seen before. The biggest thing I have found out is I don't quit, as much as I would like to at times. If I set my mind to something I am going to do it, no matter how discouraging it can be. This last Saturday we were in Price. We traveled up there Friday night and arrived late, we ate a terrible dinner, and had little sleep. I slept in as long a possible Saturday and got ready for my run. I didn't want to be sick so I had a piece of toast and OJ, not the best but it will do. I went out for my 11 mile run. First of all, what was I thinking, I mapped a hard course, uphill most the way and some steep ones at that. I was tired and a bit dehydrated from travel but ready to go. About half way through I felt good, at 8 miles I could feel the tiredness kicking in, but I wanted to finish. Then the last two miles came. It was pure torture. I thought about cutting some of the run off and making it shorter, no one would know or care. But I would. I made myself do it. It sucked big time, it hurt even worse, I ached in places I didn't know could hurt from running and most of all I missed my awesome support system (Brittani, Britney, Christi and Grant). But I did it, I didn't even walk (except to get a drink and take my goo) and only stopped and stretched at lights. I probably could walk as fast or faster then the last two miles of jogging (not even fast enough to call it that really). So, I can do things if I put my mind to it. I just have to really want it, so I guess most things I just don't care about (ie. have the house spic and span). I also realize how lucky I am to have such wonderful and supportive people in my life and I look forward to running (far behind) my support group again the next few weeks. I hope that we keep running and finding races together. It is a blast and I have loved every minute of it (even the blisters which still come but no longer hurt).


Chanel said...

I am so proud of you! I have always known you could do anything, it never has crossed my mind that you couldn't. You ROCK!

Kassie, Aaron and Boys said...

I think that you are so awesome to finish your run! It was good for me to read this and think about how hard I pushed myself last year and how I need to remember that this year with my biking. Thanks for being a great example!

Brittani said...

what a cool realization. I am proud of you...but we will be glad to have you back!