Monday, February 9, 2009

Blog worthy moment

The other day the kids and I were strolling around Target checking things out. We stopped and looked at the seeds discussing what we would like to have in the garden this year and what we would need to buy already started. Harley came upon a jack-o-lantern packet of seeds. She looked at me and said (very sarcastically) "I didn't know you could grow jack-o-lanterns" (the package had a picture of a pumpkin already cut out in true jack-o-lantern style in the garden)and in return I said "Do they grow with their face already cut out like that?" and she replied "I think so." It cracked me up at the whit of my child, she gets it from me. I just had to stop and tell her how much I loved her and her whit, even though at times it isn't so funny (when she is mean). Being a part of the Webb family she rightfully comes by her quick, sarcastic whit. Hopefully we can help her learn to use it for moments like these and to not hurt others feelings.

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Chanel said...

That is so funny. I love her!