Thursday, April 9, 2009

Feeling like a BUM

Okay I am feeling a bit, a lot, guilty for not doing a thing since the run. It has been three weeks and I worked out once. It is pathetic that I need some race to train for to get my self to work out. To make matters worse, it is making me feel worse about myself appearance wise (not hard to do). It has been crazy busy since the race, so I always have an excuse. My house is in shambles because our bathroom is tore apart right now, spur of the moment remodel before 8 people come to stay at our house and more then that coming into town this weekend. I also realized today that I have a serious problem, ok a lot of problems but a new one I realized. I can't seem to just pick my house up. I feel the need to scrub it when I pick up, so I have just let it go. It is pointless to scrub and scrub when the dust just keeps coming from the bathroom. So I hope that as I clean the rooms and shut the doors the dust will be minimal later and all I have to do is dust. Seriously, what is my problem?!? It is annoying, but unchangeable at this point, I'm too stressed about getting everything done for the weekend (so I will blog). Anyways, here is another wacky insight to the craziness that goes on in my head, an believe me this doesn't even scratch the surface. My poor family, well Scott had a choice there.

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