Friday, April 17, 2009


The kids had a great Easter. We don't like to have the Easter bunny come on Sunday, I think it takes away from Easter (you can think I'm weird, not long ago I would have). So he usually comes on Saturday. We knew it would be crazy on Saturday, so we called and arranged for him to come on Friday. The kids were so excited. Spoiled once again. This year the bunny went crazy. Being the good parent we are we just finally took the time to teach our kids how to ride without training wheels. As we did this we noticed the kids have way outgrown their bikes, so they really wanted new ones. At first they got their treats and were thrilled, but no bikes. As they began their egg hunt, they discovered bikes hiding in the kitchen and were beyond thrilled. Scott took them out riding while I clean the house a little later. We also colored eggs earlier in the week with cousins, a tradition and blast. Then Brittani was so good to throw together an egg hunt at her house on Sunday. It was a fun Easter.


The Graff Family said...

wow! you guys have a really nice easter bunny!!!

Jenks Family said...

Lucky kids! It's so fun to see all the pictures of them. They sure have grown a lot since I last saw them!

Chanel said...

I miss coloring eggs with your family!