Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Yesterday was a great day. I think it started off with Friday. It was Father's and Son's, which means for me Mother and Daughter time. I look forward to it, because if given the choice Harley prefers her Dad. We went all out. We had a baptism for Kinz and then dinner, it was a lot of fun and we were glad to share in her baptism. Then it was off the Target, Harley, Kaylee, Jamison and me, we needed some movies and treats for the girls night. Harley needed new PJ's (like everything else, she's growing too fast). So I decided to let the girls get matching PJ's, Harley and Kaylee's favorite thing. It was hard, no impossible, to find some that came in all three girls sizes. Pretty soon we realized Jamison wanted a night gown, which Harley hates, so I told her to get what she wanted and so she found a princess night gown. Then it was off to the house to put the girls in my room with a movie and Brittani, Britany and I watched a movie in the living room and gabbed.

The next morning Harley and I went to get flowers and veggies at FHS's mother's day sale. We were starving so we went to breakfast afterwards. She was want to head to the mall and go to Claire's, a girls heaven according to her. Then it was back home to relax and organize her jewelry. I love the girl time together, so I consider that part of my mother's day treat.

On Sunday, I woke up to breakfast in bed. Harley made me pancakes, cinnamon toast and a hard boiled egg. It was great and she was so proud of herself, the best part. Then she gave me a necklace she had made herself, very cute. Noah gave me some flowers and painted a pot they go in, loved them. Then for dinner that night, P-Max made brisket. I was awesome. It was a good weekend and I love that I know how much my kids love me.

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Annie said...

Well Happy late Mother's Day! It sounds like it really was a fabulous weekend. How sweet of your kids to do those things for you.