Thursday, December 31, 2009


It was a great Christmas this year. I would be posting pictures, but that will have to come later. Our computer got a virus and it killed the poor thing. I was able to get all that I know I cared about off of it, so I'm good there. We thought it also ruined Harley's new ipod touch, thank goodness it didn't. We went to Best Buy and they reset it and fixed it for us. I decided to look at the computers, I was hating mine at the moment. It has been a great computer for the past 6 years, but I am done with it to tell you the truth. I found several I like and ended up buying one I love (thank you Nanny and Papa). So I am slowly trying to get my stuff transferred from my old computer that I saved, but I have to relearn how to work on the computer. This runs a newer version of windows, and let me tell you it is different. I am getting there and hopefully I soon will have pics to put up ab out our Christmas. But if not, it was one of the best in my book.

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