Thursday, December 3, 2009

It's hard being a Mom

It's hard for me to watch as my kids grow up and face difficult things in their lives. I constantly am thankful that there is nothing out of the "norm" for us to deal with, but life is hard. It is hard to stand by and watch as other children, and especially friends, are hurtful to your child. I am working really hard to let them grow and become strong people, to let them stand on their own, to grow thick skin, and remember to do their best and not worry about what others think and just be happy with doing what they feel is right. I wish I could protect them and shelter them from it all, but what good would that do. I try to listen, sympathize and give advice when asked. I am grateful my kids come to me with their problems and are comfortable talking with me about things. I am blessed with sweet loving children, who sometimes have the horns holding up the halo. I just hope that I can be the Mom they need and deserve. I hope they know I love them and have their best outcome in mind. I sure love my kids. It makes me think of how hard it must be for Heavenly Father to watch us and not intervene on out behalf. Well being a parent isn't easy, but it is worth it.

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brit said...

i know it is so hard. i often wonder where the line is as a mom when others are being mean. how involved should we be? you are a great mom to your kids, and i am always impressed with how comfortable your kids are talking to you. keep up the good work.