Friday, January 8, 2010

Not myself

Well I have been extra lazy and just not myself this week. It is not after holiday blues. I have all these grand plans of deep cleaning my house, getting better organized, finish painting and the list goes on and on. Instead I do what HAS to be done and am happy with that. The reason why is Monday I said farewell, for now, to my beloved Dr. Pepper. I had tried quiting a few months back and made it almost 4 days and said forget it. I am on day five today and am doing slightly better this time. I have only had one migraine and one constant headache. On Tuesday Mikael was over, the night of my migraine, and I was trying to convince her to have a DP with me. We laughed and talked about the serious problem I have, I know I do that is why I am giving the best drink ever up. We love the show intervention and talked about getting me help and went through the "intervention" part of the show. It was great to hear Mooches reasoning as to why DP has effected her and my life in a negative way. I haven't said much to anyone about quiting, because my track record is not so great, but today I feel recommitted. Eventually it will be a special treat now and then, but not for awhile. All I have to say is I better loose some weight giving up pop, and hopefully soon I will be over the headaches and back to working on all my grand ideas (and getting burnt out a day or two into to it). And that is why I am not myself lately.

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Chanel said...

Good for you. I have given myself the rule that I can only have a caffeinated drink at lunch, and limit one glass. I have to have a diet coke with lime when I have chips and salsa, but I really don't have to ave it any other time. It seems to be working out just fine. I am consuming a lot more water with this rule, and I can go to sleep a lot easier now.