Friday, January 22, 2010

A week off

It has basically been a fun week for the kids. No school Monday, delay Tuesday, delay Wednesday, cancelled Thursday, cancelled Friday. I don't look forward to making it up, but I have to admit, it was nice to have a slow week. I have not accomplished much, haven't left the house much, but weeks like these don't come often in Farmington. At least not since I was younger. I am also surprised at how little the kids want to go out in the snow. I think we lived in it. I'm not complaining, the little they have has made a wreck of the house, but they have had fun making a Winter Wonderland in the backyard.

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Chanel said...

Wow!!! It was 80 degrees today and has been in the 70's all week here. Two weeks ago the highs were in the 20's for days and it caused a delay at school and our church to flood so no church for 2 weeks! I guess we don't handle cold here real well because just today I was thinking "80 is my kind of winter". Your bad weather will probably make it our way - bummer! I am glad you had a great week with the kids though. Thant is the plus side of the cold.