Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A glimps at the end of the school year craziness

This is why I can't wait for summer to come and to have nothing to do. It in nothing but madness at the end of the year. Last week I had two out of town, early morning to late evening field trips with dance pictures thrown in the mix. This week I subbed Monday and Tuesday. Today I get to go to the "I got IT" film with Harley and take dessert in for the teachers for teacher appreciation week. Friday I get to go on a field trip with Jamison. There is scouts, activity days and dance this week (which I'm in charge of scouts this month). Father's and Son's this weekend (which may end up as a hunting trip for turkeys instead). Next week There is scouts dance (twice to rehearse for recital), and field day. I'm sure the school will add in more. And hopefully and new nephew!!! Then dance twice again and dress rehearsal this time. Scouts and activity days. Recital TWICE on Saturday and I have to pay each time I go, LAME. Scott has a concealed weapons class. Not sure what all will be added for school, but there is always something.The last week of school is awards assembly (hopefully the kids will be at the same time), pack meeting and then Wednesday is half day!!!! I can't wait to be done, but then in June I get to spend THREE, count them three, glorious day at Scout camp for 8 hours with over 100 boys. Yeah me!


The Graff Family said...

let's just pray that this month goes by very fast! we'll get through this together-just you and i! ;)

Brittani said...

Yeah you....I wish I could help out somehow...I am lame though. Good luck and to summer!

brit said...

what are you worried about, you are like super mom! (sorry about 3 days at scout camp)