Friday, May 21, 2010

Someday She WILL laugh

Someday Harley will have a good laugh at herself, if I record it. So here I go... I am driving back from the post office today and I get a call. "Mom can you hurry home?!"

Me "I'm almost there, what's wrong?" thinking she is scared.

Harley "I just need you here. Noah is being a pill. We are playing school and he wouldn't do what I said and threw a fit and now we can play." sobbing

Me "well it's time to clean it up."

Harley "I got all this school stuff for no reason. I can't play school anymore. I told everyone at school today that I had the best student ever, Noah. And he is being AWFUL!!" more sobbing

Me "I'll talk to you when I get home bye!"

I get home and she sobs for a good 1/2 hour over her wayward student. How embarrassing that she told everyone he is a star pupil. What a ruff life.

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