Saturday, August 14, 2010

12 on the 12th

So I am finally starting this new scrapbooking challenge that I have thought about for years. I saw on a scrapbooking show Stacy Julian talking about how she carried around her camera to capture 12 things on the 12th of every month. I thought that it would be a fun way to capture my everyday life. Now being my anal self, I thought I had to start in January because it would just flow better, you can't possibly start in middle of the year!! But for the past two years it has slipped my mind to start. So I decided to go a little crazy and start in August. It has captured one of our last lazy days before school starts  Enjoy!!
Scott and I hanging out and watching TV

This kids in their pj's playing DS all morning

The DAILY chore of making up the messy bed

What my desk looks like while I finish orders (I have a lot to do today)

Some of the flowers I am finishing up

Noah my bottomless pit- because who can eat just one yogurt, I need Three

Harley eating cold pizza and still not dressed at 3 in the afternoon

The kids cleaning up to get to go to Connie Mack

Noah thinking he needs to pose for EVERY picture

Making Harley hash browns at 1 in the afternoon, I think she is getting all she can because she will have to wait for the weekends

Scott sneaking a nap after work (the kids took this while I ran errands)

Enjoying the game at Connie Mack, or is it the treats???

And that sums up our day on the 12th. Hopefully I remember to do it next month. Stay tuned to see if I'm a success or failure!?!

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Mikael Webb said...

I wish I could spend every 12th day of the month with you