Wednesday, December 28, 2011


We had a great Christmas this year. The kids were so excited to get to see all the family, even if we had the stomach flu going around. I was able to take the kids snowboarding one day, they went and shot guns another, they did laser tag, we had our knock-out game at the church with the Lacey's, Chanel put on A Night in Bethlehem, family pictures, and lots of other fun. I just wish everyone was feeling better so we could have had more time together. The kids also had us up @ 2:30 Christmas morning to open presents. We told them to head back to bed after a bit, but Harley was just too excited. She did get a good nap in after church (and some during). We all had a great time. We will miss everyone, but I will be happy to get some sleep ;0)

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