Friday, April 13, 2012

LIttle Man

This last Tuesday Noah was diagnosed with ADHD. Not really a surprise to those who know him well. He gets to start yet another medication. The nice part is that it lasts for 10-12 hours, we don't need to give it to him on weekends or during the summer. I hope it helps in school to keep him focused and just make life a little easier in general. I hope that we quickly find what works for him best and that we can even teach him the skills that he needs to not have to be medicated the rest of his life. The doctor said ADHD and OCD tend to go hand in hand, so he happened to get both. Scott and I got a good laugh when we were filling out the questionnaire to help determine if Noah has ADHD because Scott get frustrated with me (and my family) because we tend to have quite a few of the tendencies of ADHD. I blame it on 8 kids fighting for attention, still today (we all want to be heard). I love how comical things are thrown into our life at times. I just told Scott not to say a word about me when we filled out the form. I already know my  problems ;)