Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Penguin Time!

Every year the Ladera second grade puts on a penguin play. It is the most exciting part of the year and every kid looks forward to it. They talk about what part they want and hope to get for about a year until they get their part. Last night was their performance and today is the celebration of a job well done. Noah did a wonderful job, it was very cute. Harley did a wonderful job last year too. It is so much fun to see them get up and perform and I was glad that they were excited to get up and say their parts in front of the all the people. The day after the play they wear black and white to school and get to eat black and white treats. So last night I was up until 11:30 make some penguins out of olives, cream cheese and carrots for Noah to take. He was so excited and I am so thankful for the internet to give me creative ideas that my mind could never think up. Now if only I could be motivated to clean up my house.


Perry, Christi and Logan said...

Those penguins you made are so stinkin cute!!! I'm glad the program went well.

Chanel said...

Those are too cute. You are the best. Who cares about the house, you can only have penguin day so often. House smouse!