Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Losing My Mind

This has been a trying week. My kids are pushing every possible button. So much, that I am seriously considering canceling their surprise. It started with the time change (THANKS whoever thought that dumb thing up) and has gotten worse. It is spreading like wildfire with the kids. On Sunday Noah was full of attitude, nothing would make the kids happy. He wanted to fight everything. Monday we were going to take the kids for ice cream and they just couldn't stop fighting. We arrive and my wallet was sitting at home on the kitchen table. We turn around and the kids are at each others throats again. We tell them to stop or we are done. They stop until we head back out, so we turned the car around and came home. Much to their disappointment. Today, after chores,they went to play with friends for about an hour. They stopped by the house and I told them it was time to come home and get homework done. They left their bikes, so they had to go back and get them. 30 mins. later no kids. So I head to their friends to get them. They are not there. They mentioned going to the park so I check the nearest park, no kids. Scott and I begin to drive around looking for them, they are no where in sight. I call the friends Mom to see if her kids know anything and find out they went to the school. Relief, it has been over an hour since they should have been home. They are mad because they are in trouble and it is everyone else fault under the sun. I need to chill and finish up dinner so I refuse to talk to them and they have to sit in their rooms and read or do homework or do nothing. Noah finds a phone in the room and keeps calling my cell phone and leaving messages of sorries. I call them to dinner and we discus the issue. Noah is mad that he has to admit a wrong and runs away. I get a call from our friend's daughter that he is camping out in their back yard. I tell her to ignore him and call if he leaves. A few minuted later I get a call with him stating "Mom, I ran away to the Graff's. It is cold, cam you pick me up?" We discuss the problem and let the kids eat, bath, do their reading and go to bed. I hope tomorrow is better.


Mikael Webb said...

I know I shouldn't laugh, but i just might be smiling a little bit. I have been going to a behavior class at night and you just followed all the rules I learned for discipline. Good job Chels!

bones chick said...

you mean I did something right, cuz I feel like a total failure. Laugh away, I am. Harley is ticked that I write mean things about them on my blog fyi

Brittani said...

just keep on keepin on