Saturday, April 3, 2010


We started spring break off with a bang. We headed to Utah for Scott and Grant's Tri in American Fork on Saturday. On the way up we heard a loud noise, like Scott hit something. The closer we got to Price the louder the car got. I just thought it was me, because I was sitting in the back of the van and it was just noisier there. Well needless to say there was something wrong with the muffler. Then, we were dropping Dad off at his car and he realized the key he grabbed was right for the car. but didn't have the chip so it wouldn't work. We had to track down a locksmith and get him on his way. We get up and head to Scott's tri and get there and start getting him situated. He realizes he forgot a towel, no biggy we'll grab him one. Or not, the car is dead. So we wait while sweet Mikael gets us one. The race goes pretty well, despite Scott's chain braking on him and having to hammer it together. After we grab lunch and send the kids back to Price with Amber and Nana to Price while we go to fix the car. The hard part is tracking down and open store that deals with mufflers, who knew. Luckily it was and easy fix and we just had two bolts snap off and needed replaced. We hang out with the family for a bit and then head back to Price. I notice that night that Noah isn't feeling all the good, but is trying hard to fake feeling well for the surprise in the morning. Poor guy. Well by the morning, I have a feeling Noah has strep and want to get him checked out. So we head to the ER and get him checked. Sure enough he has strep and is not happy about having to get shots in his bum. So while trying to calm him down I give him hints on where we might be going for the surprise. I tell him there are rides. He guesses a carnival, fair, and a circus. I tell him it is ten hours away, no guesses. I tell him it is in California. Nothing. I say a ride is called the Matterhorn. Disneyland!! How did he even know what the ride was??? He is so happy he quits crying and relaxes for his shot. Miraculously he instantly feels better and is ready to go. He slept most the drive.

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