Saturday, April 3, 2010


Disney Day One:

So after getting in late the night before, after terrible traffic from Las Vegas to California, and a dip in the pool, we decided to sleep in a bit. We were at Disneyland still at a decent hour. To our surprise the kids were happy to see the characters and wanted pictures with them and their autographs. Harley was thrilled to get Mickey’s. We went to Futureland, which was not crowded and s great place to start. I was excited because it is one of my favorite places. We hit Star Wars Tours and then off to Space Mountain. The ride broke right as we were getting close, so I left to get fast passes to Autotopia and then shortly after we were on Space Mountain. Noah enjoyed it, Harley and Scott were sick. Noah was a bit cranky and still not feeling well, and I was getting frustrated. But we chugged along to Toon Town. The kids loved it there. They made their own Mickey hats and Harley found a Mickey she fell in love with. We JUST randomly went from land to land hitting rides that the kids wanted to do, but that Noah wouldn’t freak out about. We called it a night by 9 and let the kid swim for a bit, while we soaked in the hot tub. Then off to bed. We wanted Noah feeling better the next day.

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