Thursday, April 8, 2010

Disney Day 2

I need to get this done for my journaling so here it goes:

We woke up and were going to do the early admittance to Disney, but dragged our feet and took our sweet time getting there. We finished up a few rides the kids wanted to do at Disneyland and then headed over to California Adventure. The kids found some characters they want pictures and autographs of. Then we were going to try and meet up with the Graff's to hang out for a bit. We went to the Tower of Terror, tons of fun, and missed them by a minute. So then we meet up with then in Bug's Life Land. The kids did some rides and us parents got to catch up. The kids were thrilled to get to be together. Then we went and did a few rides, the only one that comes to mind is the water rapid one. The kids (Harley, Jacei, Shandon, Noah and Derek's sister Victoria) were in one tube and the Derek, Kristy, Scott, Kennedi, Derek's Dad and I were on another. We got soaked and it was tons of fun. Then it was time to eat. After that we did California Soaring, which I must admit made me a little queasy. Then a group went to do California Screaming, Noah couldn't be coaxed into it, so I waited at the bottom with him. We were all getting tired so we decided to head to the hotel of naps and swimming. So it was good by to the Graff's, as they got ready to head off to San Diego. Later that night we go ready and went to dinner, by the time we were done we decided to go back to the hotel and watch a movie and turn in early. We were all out before it even started.

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